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Performance is one of the most important aspects of a good virtual desktop environment. But how do you select the desktop virtualization products that offer the best performance in your environment? Do you know the maximum capacity of your current infrastructure? How do you know for sure if your new environment is powerful enough for your needs? And are you able to predict the impact of necessary updates and upgrades in advance?

To avoid VDI performance problems, you will need to test

Login Virtual Session Indexer (Login VSI) is the industry standard load testing tool for virtualized desktop environments. Login VSI can be used to test the performance and scalability of VMware Horizon View, Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services) or any other Windows based virtual desktop solution.

Login VSI works without additional scripting and does not require any additional infrastructure. Login VSI was designed by experienced VDI and SBC specialists, who created a tool that was easy to implement, easy to use and very cost-effective. Because Login VSI can be deployed very quickly it allows you to profit from the benefits of testing in every phase of your VDI project.

Testing in the project phase helps you to make the right decisions:


Login VSI enables you to test, compare and validate the performance of different software and hardware solutions in your own environment. This helps you to make educated and objective decisions. Leading industry analysts recognize Login VSI as the de-facto industry standard testing and benchmarking tool for VDI and SBC.

Capacity Planning

Login VSI helps you to determine the optimal hardware configuration (right sizing) to support the desired number of users and applications before going into production. By right sizing your environment with Login VSI you will be able to make a budget for your VDI project based on facts instead of guesswork.

Testing in the production phase helps you to stay out of trouble:

Load / Stress Testing

Login VSI allows you to measure the maximum capacity of your current infrastructure in a quick and easy way. The simulated users work with the same applications as your average employee such as Word, Excel, Outlook and Internet Explorer. And if you want, you can easily add your own custom applications to the tests.

Change Impact Prediction

With Login VSI you can test and predict the impact of any change in software and hardware, on the performance of your VDI or SBC infrastructure. By integrating Login VSI workload simulations into your operational change management routines, your users will never be surprised by unexpected performance issues.

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