Login VSI Licenses

The Login VSI Pro license offers all the functionality needed to test the performance of any enterprise-level user environment. Login VSI Pro is vendor agnostic and can be used to test (and compare) the desktop virtualization solutions from any vendor. With Login VSI Pro you can test any size environment, use all standard workloads and do workload customization.

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Login VSI license functionality comparison

An overview of the functional differences between the Login VSI Trial license and the Login VSI Pro license:

  Trial version: Pro version:
Connect to any virtualized desktop environment checklist-yes checklist-yes
Two workloads (office worker and knowledge worker) checklist-yes checklist-yes
Easy installation on standard infrastructure checklist-yes checklist-yes
Response time reporting checklist-yes checklist-yes
Analyze test results checklist-yes checklist-yes
Sequential launcher mode (for single server testing) checklist-yes checklist-yes
Multi language support checklist-yes checklist-yes
Windows OS support checklist-yes checklist-yes
Microsoft Office support checklist-yes checklist-yes
Two additional workloads (task worker and power worker) checklist-no checklist-yes
Workload customization checklist-no checklist-yes
Workload mashup checklist-no checklist-yes
Workload fine-tuning checklist-no checklist-yes
Parallel launcher mode (for large scale testing) checklist-no checklist-yes
Direct Desktop mode checklist-no checklist-yes
100% automation of deployment checklist-no checklist-yes
Benchmark mode checklist-no checklist-yes
Detailed reporting and logging checklist-no checklist-yes
External time measurement / calibration checklist-no checklist-yes
VSImax tuning checklist-no checklist-yes