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Login VSI Multimedia Workload: Proving the benefits of GPUs for VDI and SBC environments

Personal devices are becoming more and more equipped with hardware that can offload the processor from graphically intensive tasks and the applications that leverage that compute power are continuing to demand more. As you move into the enterprise, those workspaces are centralized, but the expectations of the end users do not change. With Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) becoming more pervasive in VDI and SBC solutions there are lots of questions about how much the addition of these devices will change the end-user experience and how this changes the sizing and cost of the solution.

Ultimately, if the hosted applications and desktops provide an equal or better experience to the physical machines being used today, the more likely it will be that the solution will be adopted by the general community and even more importantly, will make them more productive.

What is it?

The new Multimedia Workload for Login VSI is intended to provide the type of information necessary for successfully scaling solutions leveraging GPUs to deliver the best end-user experience. With the Multimedia Workload the virtual user will use a number of contemporary and graphically intensive applications that are commonly used by most end-users including Google Chrome, graphically heavy HTML 5 websites, Microsoft PowerPoint with high resolution transitions, 1080p videos, dragging windows, navigating between multiple applications, Google Earth, and more. All of this is intended to put more pressure on the GPU to understand the relationship between it and the CPU.

Multi workload 5seconds

Why do you need it?

There are a lot of different technologies available now that will enhance the digital workspace through added processing power. With the Multimedia Workload you can now run real-world workloads that will allow you to understand the difference between GPUs, GPU configurations, remoting protocol settings and application demand at scale.

What does it cost?

It is FREE for existing Login VSI customers and any trial customers. 


Use this virtual user to cause the media rich apps to use that GPU, or see what the impact would at least be on the CPU for software rendering.

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