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Industry-Standard Testing for Virtual Environments

Successfully predict, validate and manage the performance of virtualized desktop environments.

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Real-World Performance Insights on Virtual Desktops

Login PI gives you performance insights that help you get and stay ahead of trouble tickets.

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Login VSI Graphics Framework: Gain insight in the performance of graphical applications in virtualized desktop environments

The Login VSI Graphics Framework makes it easy to test any professional graphics application in virtualized desktop environments. By employing virtual users with highly realistic graphics-intensive workloads, administrators can gain performance insights without impacting real end users. With the Login VSI Graphics Framework, you can gain performance insights that enable you to:

  • Know if you have enough capacity to support your graphical applications
  • Validate the impact of hardware and software changes on graphical applications
  • Understand end users’ perspective on graphical performance

With agentless installation and minimal infrastructure requirements, the Login VSI Graphics Framework works with every graphics board in any Windows-based virtualized desktop environment including Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp, VMware Horizon View and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services).

Validate the performance of your graphical applications performance

The Login VSI Graphics Framework helps you to validate whether or not graphical applications will work in your virtual desktop environment. By using your own applications, models and visualization modes, you will be able to see if the environment performs according to your requirements. It will also help you to prevent possible issues when implementing changes—such as updates and upgrades—in your graphical applications.

Gain insight into end-user experience

The Login VSI Graphics Framework provides detailed information about frame rate measured in graphical applications, as well as on protocol level. This will help you to understand what your end users will experience when they use the same graphical applications as the workload.

Know your maximum capacity and find bottlenecks

The Login VSI Graphics Framework can simulate workloads with graphical applications, for example AutoCAD, Siemens NX and Photoshop. By simulating real-world usage on your environment, you will be able to find the amount of users your environment will be able to support. The Login VSI Graphics Framework also allows you to locate bottlenecks like GPU, CPU or memory.

Make the right decisions

There are many choices when deploying GPUs in virtual desktop environments. The Login VSI Graphics Frameworks helps you to make the right choices in graphical hardware and environment configuration, like vGPU profiles or GPU pass-through. By validating your choices, you will never be surprised by unexpected graphical performance issues.

login vsi graphics framework autocad

The Graphics Framework workloads use graphical applications such as AutoCAD to simulate real-life users.

Product features

  • Testing framework: Adjustable framework that allows you to test any graphical application in virtualized desktop environments.
  • Graphical workloads: Offers multiple out-of-the-box graphical workloads that use the same applications as real-life users, such as AutoCAD.
  • Performance insight: Gain extensive insight in the graphical application performance such as frame rate, CPU utilization and memory usage. Combine performance data with additional external performance indicators.
  • Vendor-agnostic: Works with every Windows-based virtualized desktop and any graphical component of the environment, such as Citrix vGPU, NVIDIA GRID and AMD FirePro graphical boards.


The Login VSI Graphics Framework is available as an add-on to Login VSI. Contact us for more information.


What our customers are saying

Johnny Blizzard - Health Insurance Organization

"We now have indisputable empirical proof supporting our claims. With Login VSI, we can run our own applications against various hardware platforms before we move to production! Application owners can see how their code impacts their users on our systems and we can present our findings to management for funding increases. We can also advocate for the users when supporting their claims of poor performance, all because of Login VSI."

Johnny Blizzard, Sr. IT Systems Engineer at a Health Insurance Organization

Manoj Doshi - Aetna

"Login VSI gives you a true picture of performance in your environment, whether you’ve built it right or need to make changes. When you don’t have room for mistakes, Login VSI provides you with the confidence and assurance that the environment is going to work."

Manoj Doshi, Director - Client Technology Innovation at Aetna

Chris Gebhardt - NetApp

“We use Login VSI to make sure that what we are recommending to our customers is much better than what their guesses are. Because if you don't do proper assessment and if you don’t use Login VSI, your architecture is just a guess.”

Chris Gebhardt, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at NetApp

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