Login Enterprise 5.5 Now Available — experience the power of operational insights that better equip you to track, trend, and manage cost and capacity.

The Ultimate Ally
for EUC Teams

The Ultimate Ally
for EUC Teams

Login VSI guides you through pre-production testing and
production challenges to deliver impeccable user experiences.

Trusted by top tech vendors & Fortune 500 companies across industries.

Unified Performance Insights

Visibility and predictability across your hybrid environments

“When we run our battery of tests, including logon performance, user density, user experience, and application response times, we get the insights needed to ensure consistent performance release after release. There isn’t another product in the market that provides us with reliable data to benchmark our products.”
Staff Software Quality Engineer
Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
“My favorite thing is that I know the workloads being run are the same, time and time again — they are repeatable results that can be trusted. Login VSI allows us to be proactive at managing the user experience, and we don’t ever wait for our customers to make a complaint.”
Systems Engineer
Cherry Health
“The results speak for themselves. We’ve had some cases where Login Enterprise trapped issues when none of our monitoring systems did, nor really, could they have. Login Enterprise has really changed how we think about monitoring in end-user computing, and it shows in the results we’re seeing and the excellent feedback we’re receiving from our users and affiliates.”
Director of IT
Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company
Login Enterprise is a tool that allows you to understand your current virtualization environment and capture end-user experience without having to impact production users. Login Enterprise’s team is consistently implementing new features that will only benefit our organization in the long run. I’m excited to see what the future holds with this solution. I highly recommend it to any Digital Workplace org!
Systems Engineer
Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

Capacity Analysis

Login Enterprise provides an industry-standard, data-driven approach, whether rolling out a new environment, transitioning between providers, or migrating desktops to the cloud. Use stress and real-world usage simulations to allocate resources and make better technology choices confidently.

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Image/App Validation

The impact of image and application updates on virtual desktop performance is significant. Login Enterprise addresses this challenge through a unique suite of capabilities. You can benchmark the impact of change, validate functionality and performance, and automate the entire process.

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Production Visibility

Sustaining clear visibility in production is pivotal for efficient virtual desktop performance. Unlike tools that merely track application open and close metrics, Login Enterprise employs virtual users that mimic typical actions—providing a comprehensive understanding of end-user experiences—and letting IT spot hard-to-catch issues that impact productivity.

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Cost Tracking

Under-investing or over-investing in your VDI or DaaS environments can lead to poor user experience or unnecessary budget waste. Login Enterprise helps you track spend and optimize cloud, hybrid, or on-premises environments to eliminate wasted spend by balancing user experience and costs.

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Spotted performance issues
in minutes versus hours

Reduced annual cloud costs
by analyzing price to performance

Average savings by optimizing
IT investments

Improvement in supported
users during a refresh


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