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Avoid VDI Performance and Scalability Problems on VCE

Test the performance and scalability of VCE Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions

Performance is one of the most important aspects of a good VDI solution. But do you know the maximum user capacity of your VCE infrastructure? Are you able to predict the impact of updates in advance? And do you know what happens when everybody logs in at the same time?

A poorly built and maintained VDI environment will increase the risk of performance problems among all users. Can you imagine the impact of user slowdowns or even total failures on your business continuity? To avoid performance and scalability problems with the infrastructure of VCE, you will need to test. Login VSI is a software tool that allows you to test and measure the performance in a quick and easy way. By simulating realistic user workloads, you can test solutions of VCE or any other VDI infrastructure.

Login VSI avoids problems on the infrastructure of VCE in many ways:

  • Optimize capacity by right-sizing your infrastructure.
  • Test the impact of changes on your VDI performance.
  • Know your maximum user capacity by load testing.
  • Benchmark different solutions and make the right decisions.

Want to learn more?

Are you looking for VDI sizing guidance and reference information about VCE? Or do you want to learn how to avoid VDI performance and scaling issues on VCE? Have a look at the content below.

Reference Architecture

Take a look at the white paper of VCE to see how they use Login VSI to benchmark performance and validate their reference architecture.



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Whitepaper 'Avoid VDI Performance Problems'

Take a look at our whitepaper to understand

  • How performance affects your virtual desktop users.
  • How testing can help avoid performance and scalability problems.
  • How testing can optimize spend.
  • The difference between traditional test suites and Login VSI.

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