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Test the performance of your VMware Horizon View virtualized desktop environment

Performance is one of the most important aspects of a good VMware experience. But do you know the maximum user capacity of your infrastructure? Are you able to predict the impact of updates in advance? Can you quantify the performance the end user is experiencing? And do you know what happens when everybody logs in simultaneously?

A poorly built and maintained VDI environment will increase the risk of performance problems among all users. Can you imagine the impact of user slowdowns or total failures on your business? To avoid VMware Horizon View performance problems, you will need to test. We develop software products to test and measure performance quickly and easily. You can test VMware Horizon View or any other hosted desktop solution by simulating realistic user workloads.

Avoid VDI performance problems while capacity planning

During capacity planning of your VMware infrastructure, whether greenfield or expanding an existing system, our products can:

  • Know the maximum user capacity.
  • Understand the end-user perspective on performance.
  • Predict the performance impact of necessary updates and upgrades.

Avoid VDI problems while in production

While in production, our software provides performance insights that help you get and stay ahead of trouble tickets through monitoring and predicting future performance. Our products allow you to:

  • Monitor the end-user digital experience without affecting end-user productivity.
  • Provide early warnings on performance before they are experienced by end users.
  • Generate reports on historical data to identify trends, determine uptime, and comply with SLA requirements.

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