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Advanced Scheduling of Monitoring Jobs in Login PI

Advanced Scheduling of Monitoring Jobs in Login PI

Hi, Adam Carter here, the Login PI product manager. The other day I was reading some feedback from a customer about Login PI (I love getting product feedback. I read it all, and consider all of it for future releases). The customer had a list of feature requests, one of which was support in Login PI for maintenance windows when scheduled Login PI jobs are suspended.

“Login PI supports maintenance windows!” I thought to myself, “it totally does. The dev team even asked me to write a blog post about it.”

It’s actually really easy to build exclusion periods for a Login PI job, once you understand how the time settings work. I wrote this post to help out anyone else who wants more control over when Login PI jobs execute in their virtualized desktop environment. Hope it helps.


Why Advanced Scheduling?

Most IT shops now have some period of scheduled maintenance where systems are offline for patching, rebooting, config changes, etc. A standard Login PI job will still attempt to login the virtual user during that window though, which results in a lot of false alerts about not being able to login. We want to configure Login PI to not run tests during that period, eliminating those outage notifications.

For purposes of this post, let’s configure a 2-hour period every night where Login PI shouldn’t run. It’s our maintenance window when servers are rebooted, backed up, etc. Let’s build our window from 1:00 am to 3:00 am.

Jobs in Login PI

The Job configuration is the last step in configuring Login PI to monitor an install. In the previous configuration steps, you set the Connections for what type of environment you’re connecting to, the Workload to run. When you get to the Job configuration page, you’re just setting the date range and time range for the job to run:

advanced scheduling of monitoring jobs in login pi create update job

This is the minimum settings that need to be configured for a job. This job started at midnight on Jan 29, and with no expiration, this job will run constantly. With the interval set to 1, that means as soon as a Login PI job finishes, it will launch another one, so with this setting, the Login PI user is logging on constantly, 24 hours a day, forever.

Let’s take a closer look at the timings section:

advanced scheduling of monitoring jobs in login pi timings

Here’s the key thing to know about these settings:

The Times entries is a daily schedule. The job will start and stop every day at the times specified.

If you don’t specify an Expires on entry for the Times, then the job automatically expires at midnight. The job above will run from Midnight-Midnight, every day.

We want to change that to allow for our maintenance window, so we’re going to do that by configuring 2 jobs for this profile: One job that starts at midnight and expires at 1:00am, and then another job that runs from 3:00am-midnight. Let’s make the changes to this job first:

advanced scheduling of monitoring jobs in login pi first job

And now I’ll create a second job that runs from 3:00am to midnight:

advanced scheduling of monitoring jobs in login pi second job

(I could have left the Times “Expires on” setting blank, since it defaults to midnight)

After making these changes, my job list now looks like this:

advanced scheduling of monitoring jobs in login pi jobs overview

The first job will become active at Midnight every night, and run for just one hour (till 1:00am) before stopping.

The second job starts up at 3:00am, and runs till midnight.

Once midnight hits, the first job starts again, and the cycle continues every day.

That’s it – now my Login PI install will stop running from 1-3 every night, filling the event log with warnings during my maintenance window. I guess I should go schedule some maintenance now :-)

p.s. I’m serious about what I said at the beginning about product feedback. You can drop me a line any time, either by email (a.carter@loginvsi.com) or on Twitter (@adambomb00)




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