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Announcing PI v1.5 General Availability

Announcing PI v1.5 General Availability

Hi all, Adam Carter here, Product Manager for Login PI. My team has been working around the clock to add some really cool functionality to Login PI, and it’s available now. Lots of people have been asking for Network Latency and superior Logon timing insights—and now we’ve got ‘em! To take advantage of all the new coolness, go to the download section of our website to download and upgrade.

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Cool New Dashboard


announcing pi v1 28 general availability dashboard before


announcing new pi general availability dashboard after

There’s so much more information available at a glance on the new dashboard. Right at the top you get a current health status for your environment. For each app, you can now see how the current performance is tracking vs the thresholds you set—and the recent performance for each. You can also see at a glance when outages have occurred and if there were periods of higher than expected alerts.

The charts all update in real-time, so there’s no need keep hitting the refresh button!

Email Alerts

Don’t want to open the dashboard to see your alerts? Login PI can also email them, to you, and/or directly to ServiceNow or another ticketing system, to automatically open support tickets based on Login PI alerts:

announcing new pi general availability email alerts

Network Latency

We are happy to introduce: Network Latency Reporting!

announcing new pi general availability network latency

Network Latency Reporting includes another new chart, which shows you in milliseconds the average network latency reported by the protocol during the session.

But there’s more! When you hover the mouse over any of the data points on the chart, you get additional performance metrics:

announcing new pi general availability latency times

Login PI shows you what the Host reported for network latency, consumption of bandwidth, CPU and Memory, and the amount of active processes.

And if you click the ‘More…’ link in the bottom corner, we also give you a breakdown by Hosts and Launchers, so you can determine if high latency relates to either a host or a site.

announcing new pi general availability protocol latency

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Logon Details

We’ve also added additional data to the Logon Chart. When you hover the mouse over any of the points on the chart, you get a breakdown of how much time each step of the login process took:

announcing new pi general availability login times

This is really useful data for troubleshooting slow logons. Is it your login script? Your roaming profile solution? Applying Group Policy? When logons take longer than expected, Login PI can prioritize what to look at in order to resolve the issue.

Get it all today

We’re really excited to bring these often-requested features into Login PI. There’s lots more in store for PI this year—watch this space for upcoming announcements! We have even more cool stuff coming soon.

Already a Login PI customer? Download the upgrade bits from our download section.

New to Login PI? Request a Trial here.

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