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VMworld 2019 - Our Debrief

VMworld 2019

It’s that time of the year again, we’ve just wrapped up VMworld US and it was great meeting many folks on the expo floor, vendor booths, sessions and of course for a drink in the evening.

For me, these conferences are all about networking and you’d be surprised with how little sessions I attend. The reason I do this is I can watch/listen to the session recordings during my travel back, however meeting my industry peers needs to happen in person. If you are still catching up on VMworld 2019, just like myself, below are the sessions I recommend.

We had a great time meeting, greeting and eating with friends at VMworld USA 2019

Over the last 3 years, many companies have been working in the digital workspace. VMware horizon cloud demonstrates a 2x growth year to year, something that can also be established from the community VDI Like a Pro survey (get the full report here, for free), it’s all about the employee experience and while that encompasses more than just desktop performance, I believe this is a key component of every EUC environment especially considering the speed of ever-increasing changes.

Login VSI Blog - VMworld 2019 Debrief - VDILikeAPro Survey Results

According to Shawn Bass / Gartner, 30% of virtual apps and desktops (EUC Keynote, VMworld 2019) will move from on-prem to the cloud in 2 to 3 years from now. You may not migrate, maybe for burst or DR. Move management first especially in the multi-site or multi-cloud. Windows virtual desktop is a great way to keep on running Windows 7, and Windows 10 multi-session, it might not replace the old way, but it might be a new addition.

While we are on the topic of cloud, many things can impact your performance. Typically for you as an admin, these are “unplanned changes” you might not even be in the loop on beforehand as we’ve seen with the patching for Meltdown & Spectre and later Intel CPU security flaws.

Login VSI Blog - VMworld 2019 Debrief - Source: BrianMadden.com

Source: Brianmadden.com

Architecting Horizon: The Official Reference Architecture (ADV1111BU)

Graeme Gordon and Huib Dijkstra, VMware End User Computing product experts that create the official reference architecture, will take you through how to design and architect a Horizon environment. Specifically, in this session, we will cover Horizon 7, Horizon 7 on VMC, Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure, App Volumes, User Environment Manager and Unified Access Gateway. [ Recording ] – [ Slides ]

VMware EUC as a Force for Good (ADV2485BU)

A session by Huib Dijkstra and Johan van Amersfoort two fellow Dutchman wherein they’ll cover how one of Europe’s biggest cancer research hospitals is not only using their End User Computing environment to modernize the way in which their medical professionals work, but also how they are also using their VMware platform as a force for good. We'll cover how this project came to be and go into detail on their most special use-case: utilizing their VDI platform at night by temporarily repurposing the platform to analyze PACS imagery for the oncology department. [ Recording ] – [ Slides ]

Beyond the Marketing: What's New in Horizon 7 (ADV1337BU)

Chris Halstead and Kiran Rao on the latest features and improvements in the most recent releases. Hear about topics including Cloud Pod Architecture, Horizon Cloud Services, monitoring, user experience, simplified application management, API framework, automation, and more in this technically focused session. [ Recording ] - [ Slides ]


See you in Barcelona! November 4 to 7! Make sure to come by and grab some swag:

Login VSI Blog - VMworld 2019 Debrief - Come get your Login VSI swag!










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