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Presence Health optimizes user density on Nutanix for major Epic upgrade with Login VSI

Nutanix recently published a customer reference case where Login VSI was used to benchmark different infrastructure options. The customer reference case was also recently presented on US healthcare conference HIMSS 2018.

In 2017 Presence Health initiated an Epic Systems upgrade project, that precipitated a multi-million dollar investment in Nutanix hardware, multi-vendor software, and implementation services. Login VSI was brought into this project by Citrix, to help with the performance optimization. Detailed benchmarking of various settings on the Nutanix hardware and the used software platforms using Login VSI’s test solution, created additional headroom for over 1,000 users on the same environment.

About Presence Health

Presence Health is one of the largest behavioral health service networks in Illinois with more than 150 locations, including 12 hospitals, and 27 long-term care and senior living facilities.

Presence Health is clearly committed to providing the highest quality of services possible:

  • Presence Health hospitals are nationally recognized for quality heart care, including high ratings for open heart surgery. All hospitals are designated Primary Stroke Centers and are ranked as one of U.S. News and World Report’s 2015 Best Hospitals for Common Care.
  • Presence Health home care was named to the 2014 HomeCare EliteTM, an annual ranking of the top 25 percent in-home care providers in the nation.
  • The Presence Health Resurrection University with its College of Nursing is over 100 years old, has one of the highest state board rates in the state, and is a large sponsor of graduate medical education in Illinois with nearly 300 residents, 80 percent whom are primary care physicians.

IT systems are a critical success factor in every modern healthcare organization. To achieve and maintain the high standards of service, Presence Health invests heavily in the latest technologies.

The challenge

In 2017 Presence Health initiated an Epic Systems upgrade project, with a multi-million dollar investment in hardware, multi-vendor software, and implementation services, including:

  • 16RU Nutanix NX 3060 Chassis
  • Software from Nutanix, Epic, Microsoft, and Citrix
  • Technical Professional Services and Project Management

In November 2017, Login VSI was engaged by Citrix, at Presence Health, to verify and optimize the planned rollout of Epic 2017 which was a major upgrade from their previous 2014 environment.

The solution

Login VSI’s synthetic user technology was used to simulate Epic user workloads on the Nutanix  platform and to measure the resulting end-user experience. By scaling to thousands of synthetic users, Login VSI was used to predict the maximum user density prior to the end user experience degrading. The goal was to ensure that the Epic upgrade could be rolled out “cold” on a given day, that the environment was functionally tested end-to-end, and all users would experience a  performance as good or better than what they were accustomed to on the previous version of Epic.

The results

The Login VSI test-data enabled the Nutanix engineer on site to optimize various settings on their hardware and software platforms. With the first run of Login VSI after implementation of the new system, the infrastructure supported a maximum of 2912 users. Optimized based on the Login VSI tests and resulting data, Nutanix was able to increase this to a maximum of close to 4200 users.

Using recent Gartner numbers estimating the annual Total Cost of Ownership per SBC device to be $2.300, this means a total yearly total monetary value of over $2.3M for this organization.

For more information see: https://www.nutanix.com/documents/case-studies/presence-health.pdf


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