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Get Login VSI tests done faster, and more often, with new Services offering

Get Login VSI tests done faster, and more often, with new Services offering

I’m writing from sunny Santa Clara today to tell you more about Login VSI Services. As a support engineer for the past two years, one of my favorite things about working for Login VSI has been travelling to customer sites and helping them get set up running tests. Whether at an enterprise or vendor site, it has been rewarding to meet the people who use our products and see how they benefit firsthand from integrating performance into their virtualized desktop view. It’s really satisfying when we can move quickly and get through a series of test cycles so that we are certain that production performance will result in a great user experience.

Now this same benefit that my colleagues and I have provided is wrapped under Login VSI Services. And this is good for our customers because now we extend the reach of these services to more organizations with replicable processes.

Through Login VSI Services, our customers will be able to install, configure, and test with Login VSI faster, and more often. More test cycles more rapidly means a better understanding of realistic end user performance, where performance gains may be realized and where bottlenecks are occurring, and right sizing of infrastructure to deliver a quality end user experience. Delivering test cycles more rapidly means higher certainty, and faster insights. This means a better ROI also.

If you are an enterprise, vendor or partner, I invite you to learn more. I also look forward to seeing you in person to help you get up and running with Login VSI.

About the author

Dennis Geerlings started at Login VSI about 4 years ago and worked as a consultant within Login Consultants. He supported multiple customers in migration projects. Presently, Dennis is support manager and lead consultant at Login VSI. In these roles he supports customers and partners in the US and Canada, co-develops the Login VSI product, and serves as a pre-sales engineer for enterprise customers. 

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