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  • Recorded Webinar - Fresh take on hosted desktop performance monitoring with Login VUM

Recorded Webinar - Fresh take on hosted desktop performance monitoring with Login VUM

Recorded Webinar - Fresh take on hosted desktop performance monitoring with Login VUM

Many of you joined us Oct 21 for the live broadcast of the webinar: Fresh take on hosted desktop performance monitoring with Login VUM. But if you missed it, the recording is available here:

In the webinar, I set the context for what is driving the need for more visibility into virtualized desktop environments. What it really comes down to is this: end user experience. There are several very good performance monitoring solutions available. They will give you lots information about what systems indicate on end user desktop performance. However, these monitoring solutions generate lots of data, much of it useful, but they don’t give you the full picture on what end users are actually experiencing on login times and latency, for example. And they also don’t help you get ahead of performance issues.

Login VUM does fill in the performance picture for you focused on end user experience. It gives you more info on app start time and uptime trends, so you can address any issues and maintain great performance for end users. With synthetic or virtual users logging into production environments, you are essentially sending a canary into a coalmine. You are able to get ahead of performance issues.

The product is currently in private beta. If you’d like to get to experience this product, contact us or apply for the beta here.

About the author

Adam Carter (@adambomb00) joined Login VSI in 2014 as a product manager working on new technologies. Adam lives in Seattle, where he enjoys listening to bands you’ve never heard of, roller derby, and coffee shops and happy hours where he can eavesdrop on Amazon and Microsoft employee conversations.

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What our customers are saying

Shai Maskit - Kaminario

“We tested 750 seats so customers can compare Kaminario with solutions from other vendors. It really comes down to delivering the best user experience at the right price point. As soon as we show the solution and that it has been validated by Login VSI customers can rest assured that it will fit the rest of their environment.”

Shai Maskit, Director of Product & Solutions at Kaminario

Keith Hageman - Micron

"When I joined Micron in June 2014, the first thing I did is find out if we have a copy of Login VSI and if we could run a 1000 user test case instance (which we could). We use Login VSI to run tests for customers and for case studies and I really have loved Login VSI for the last 3 or 4 years.”

Keith Hageman, Senior Solutions Architect at Micron Technology

Kelly Murphy - Gridstore

"Ultimately, VDI is about performance. If a customer's virtual experience is not as fast as the physical experience, they don’t use it. Login VSI is great in helping us to really quantify and to show performance, to test systems and design those systems in such a way to ensure that you can deliver that kind of performance."

Kelly Murphy, CTO and Founder at HyperGrid

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