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Live from VMworld 2015 - Day 3

Live from VMworld 2015 - Day 3

We spoke to lots of industry professionals over the first couple of days of VMworld, and day 3 was no different. Here are the interviews I did on the final day of the Expo Hall:



Steve Bohac from Violin Memory

Violin Memory claims Disk is Dead, so I talked with Steve Bohac about their all-flash solutions and how they use Login VSI.

Flaminio Guerrero from Presidio

Presidio is a great integration partner for us, and a VMware partner of the year, so Flaminio Guerrero had some great insights in to what customers want from their desktop virtualization solutions – it’s all about the apps.

Christian Rauber from VMware

Christian Rauber is a VMware solution architect that writes reference architectures for all kinds of vSAN solutions, including VDI. He talked about how customers are planning their moves from big monolithic storage solutions to vSAN and how they use Login VSI to validate those solutions.

Bill Galloway from Pivot3

Bill Galloway is the founder and CTO of Pivot 3, and he’s been doing “hyper-converged” solutions since 2008. They’ve been a Login VSI customer for years and they work in partnership with several hardware and software products to deliver the right solution to customers.

Update September 7, 2015:

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What our customers are saying

Shaun Donaldson - Bitdefender

"As a software vendor, the reason that we became a Login VSI customer is that we wanted to see how we compared to our competitors. After talking to VMware and Citrix about how they test their products, it became clear to me that we needed to follow our strategic partners and be able to show how our product compares favorably to our competitors. We just completed a round of tests using Login VSI and you will see white papers showing performance data."

Shaun Donaldson, Alliances Director at Bitdefender

Bill Galloway - Pivot3

“The labs at Pivot3 have hundreds of machines. A portion of those are running different Login VSI configurations so we can be constantly configuring with different hardware to see how that affects desktops. Then we tweak the RAM and CPU, and tune so we know how many users we can support.”

Bill Galloway, Founder and CTO at Pivot3

Michael Mainusch - Dachser

“With Login VSI, we can simulate the effects and compatibilities of applications and patches, as well as scaling in a virtualized terminal server environment, with minimal expenditure of time. Due to the adaptability of Login VSI to individual customer environments, we can simulate the real production environment, using the achieved measurement results and assertions.”

Michael Mainusch, Team Leader Application Services at Dachser

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