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Why the Desktop Virtualization Community Loves Login VSI

Why the Desktop Virtualization Community Loves Login VSI

It was a great experience for me to be the “camera guy” filming Adam Carter’s interviews with technology providers and partners at Citrix Synergy, Microsoft Ignite and VMworld this year. The interviews were a great excuse to learn and discuss trends, market factors and technologies shaping desktop virtualization with experts in the field. Then we shared what we gathered with you through videos directly from the show floor.

We also asked these experts about how they are using Login VSI. Although we hear it often, it still makes us proud to be referred to as the “industry standard” and the “de facto” performance testing approach for virtualized desktop environments. Every time a technology provider uses Login VSI in their product development cycle, they essentially say “we assure the high quality and performance predictability of our products with a disciplined approach using industry standard performance testing.” And Login VSI, as a company, beams with pride.

We combined short versions of all the answers in the compilation video below.

Here is a full list of all the people in the video:

Thanks, virtualization experts, for the awesome interviews.

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What our customers are saying

Bill Galloway - Pivot3

“The labs at Pivot3 have hundreds of machines. A portion of those are running different Login VSI configurations so we can be constantly configuring with different hardware to see how that affects desktops. Then we tweak the RAM and CPU, and tune so we know how many users we can support.”

Bill Galloway, Founder and CTO at Pivot3

Todd Mace - PernixData

"Login VSI has been a great partner for us. Customers use PernixData with Login VSI to help validate their user experience. Login VSI helps to see what their performance bottlenecks are and our software helps to mediate some of that. Login VSI has been a kind of defacto standard to be able to help that validation and help the customer to be able to come up with a solution to fix it."

Todd Mace, Product Manager at PernixData

Eddy Zeehuisen - Gemeente Utrecht

“We didn’t want any surprises within our operating IT environment. Login VSI has brought up several performance improvements in the infrastructure. These were addressed together with the implementer and the various vendors.”

Eddy Zeehuisen, Program Manager U-Cloud at Gemeente Utrecht (Municipality of Utrecht, The Netherlands)

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