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Citrix Lifecycle Management and Citrix Ready ISV tech partners: The Login VSI blueprint

Citrix Lifecycle Management and Citrix Ready ISV tech partners: The Login VSI blueprint

Guest blog by Bernie Hannon, Strategic Alliances Director-Cloud Services at Citrix Systems

 You have heard the buzz. Citrix Lifecycle Management is the first service from Citrix that brings you a centralized command center to control your entire Citrix environment, on premises and in the cloud. Through automated Blueprints, Monitoring and Management for Citrix’s products, select partner solutions and your own applications, Lifecycle Management lowers deployment and operational costs for all the technologies you rely on to make the magic happen for your users.

I want to talk today about Citrix Lifecycle Management and the support that technology providers like Login VSI have provided to pave the way to enhancing your platform for delivering enterprise-grade user workspaces. This service can work with Citrix Workspace Cloud or as a stand-alone service that helps deploy and manage the Citrix products and other applications you already use or plan to use. It’s one control plane to manage all your workloads everywhere, on a cloud, on your premises or a hybrid combination of cloud(s) and on premises. This image shows how and where partners like Login VSI play.

citrix lifecycle management and citrix ready isv tech partners the login vsi blueprint target products and environments

When building XenApp and XenDesktop environments either onsite or in the cloud you want to make sure you are delivering the best performance to your end users. Login VSI specializes in determining the applications your users consume and configuring the appropriate amount of capacity to provide ideal user performance. This is where the goals of Citrix and Login VSI perfectly align. Citrix is now giving you the opportunity to configure and build these environments in a few mouse clicks and Login VSI supports this with a load test that is simple and easy to set up.

The Login VSI blueprint creates a standalone installation of XenDesktop. It builds a XenDesktop Server with a SQL Server Express database, XenDesktop Controller, Citrix Studio, Storefront and a Citrix License Server. The Windows Server will include the Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) which may be configured for shared desktops or server VDI. The final optional step of this blueprint is to configure a NetScaler Gateway to provide secure remote access to XenDesktop. Login VSI will be installed to execute performance tests after deployment.

Net-net, you spend less time reading installation manuals and more time running your business.

If you don’t already have access to Lifecycle Management blueprints, you can start by first creating a Workspace Cloud account here. From there, go to the Architect section and start your Lifecycle Management trial. After that, you can easily find each of these partner Blueprints in the Lifecycle Management Blueprint Catalog. Login VSI is one of the blueprints you will find here. Read more about the Login VSI blueprint in this blog.

Login VSI was one of the first Citrix technology partners to create and publish a Citrix Lifecycle Management blueprint. They and numerous other valued Citrix Ready ISV tech partners helped to launch our CLM partner blueprint eco-system to coincide with the launch of Workspace Cloud this past October 1st. The value of using these blueprints to deploy partner solutions like Login VSI is now well established and we expect the number of partner blueprints in the Lifecycle Management catalog to grow at a rapid pace.

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