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Top 15 Blogs of 2015 – VDI Tips, Tricks and Many Hits

Top 15 Blogs of 2015 – VDI Tips, Tricks and Many Hits

It’s January 2016 and we are looking forward to publishing a lot of great and new content in this upcoming year. In 2015, we published over 70 blogs, so I can imagine that you might have missed out on a lot of interesting and useful content. That’s why we would like to quickly highlight the 15 most-popular blogs of the previous year (based on the number of hits). This list consists of a lot of different content from product updates, to videos, to tips and tricks from support, so there is something for everyone.

1. Top 12 Virtualized Desktop Performance Testing Mistakes

Login VSI’s Product Manager Mark Plettenberg put together a comprehensive list of the top 12 performance testing mistakes. This was last year’s most popular blog, so if you don’t have much time and want to be successful in performance testing, make sure to read Mark’s useful tips.

2. Common Citrix StoreFront errors and how to avoid them in a Login VSI test

Based on the popularity of this blog, it seems that many people encounter errors while using Citrix StoreFront. In this blog, our support engineer Jeffrey Hsieh guides you through solving 5 common errors such as “The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found” and “ICA content status “Failure”, failed to get ICA file content”.

3. Canary in the Coalmine: Login PI 1.0 recorded podcast feat. Brian Madden & Gabe Knuth

In May, we announced the public release of Login PI. Our product manager Adam Carter was invited to join a podcast with Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth. They discussed Login PI and how enterprises are now able to deliver higher availability and a better end user experience. The recording of this interview is available on-demand.

4. The VDI Lifecycle: Six easy steps for the best VDI performance

With the introduction of Login PI, system administrators are now able to guarantee a good VDI performance in both the project and production phases. Mark explains the six steps of the VDI Lifecycle in order to enable you to continuously manage the impact of any software or hardware change in your environment.

the vdi lifecycle

The VDI Lifecycle

5. Login VSI and Login PI demos by the Product Managers

In case you would prefer to watch a video about the VDI Lifecycle, please click the link above. This link will direct you to three short videos in which our product managers Adam and Mark dive deeper into the VDI Lifecycle and give demos of our products Login VSI and Login PI.

6. Login PI 1.0 now available: New features added

Based on the number of Login PI related blogs in this list, it seems that our readers considered the launch of our new product Login PI 1.0 the highlight of 2015. In this blog, our Product Owner Ryan Bijkerk highlights the important features of Login PI 1.0

7. Key VDI trends from Login VSI’s CEO

At the start of 2015, our CEO Eric-Jan van Leeuwen reflected on 2014 and looked at big trends in the desktop virtualization market: “Login VSI expects more cloud and hosted adoption of VDI versus on premises deployments. Technology improvements will enable more workloads via VDI (for instance graphics intensive apps like CAD/CAM). In IT departments around the world, there will be less focus on proving the viability of VDI and more on improving the user experience.

Update: also make sure to read Blair Parkhill’s blog about trends in 2016

8. Happy users, great performance. Riding SimpliVity’s hyperconverged architecture into the Horizon

In 2015 the first “Validated by Login VSI” white paper was released by SimpliVity. Blair Parkhill explains the concept of “hyperconverged”, and how Simplivity performed their tests with Login VSI and presents some actual test results.

with and without hyper-convergence

With and without hyper-convergence

9. One million Login VSI users and what this means for VDI

We were proud to reach the milestone of one million users tested with Login VSI in 2015. In this blog our CEO Eric-Jan van Leeuwen shares a brief history of how Login VSI came to be the industry standard and he discusses some plans for the future of our company.

10. Login VSI creates one of the first blueprints for Citrix Lifecycle Management, part of Citrix Workspace Cloud

In 2015, Citrix introduced a great initiative called the Citrix Lifecycle Management and Login VSI was one of the first vendors to create a blueprint for CLM. If you are looking for a way to quickly prototype a Citrix environment and validate its performance, CLM is the way to go forward and you can use Login VSI to do so.

11. Troubleshoot Citrix Web Interface when using Login VSI and CTXConnector

In addition to Citrix StoreFront errors, Jeffrey also wrote a blog about Citrix Web Interface. In this blog, he provides the solution for two common errors when using CTXConnector with Login VSI: a timeout while waiting 30 seconds for document to contain text ‘User name’ and closing Internet Explorer before the test resources started.

12. What’s the buzz in desktop virtualization? 30+ industry experts share their views

At Citrix Synergy and Microsoft Ignite, we interviewed over 30 industry experts about the current trends and the future of desktop virtualization. We’ve put together two short compilation videos to give you a quick overview of their views and ideas on this.

what's the buzz in vdi

Over 30 industry experts shared their views on VDI

13. A hidden gem for Login VSI workload customization: Problem Steps Recorder in Windows

Many of our customers are customizing Login VSI workloads. In this blog, you will find a great tip to make workload customization easier by using Problem Steps Recorder in Windows. By asking an end-user to record their actions in an application with PSR, it’s very easy to find out how a real user uses the application.

14. User account control impact on automating Internet Explorer during a Login VSI test

When Login VSI cannot interact with the web page, our support team usually asks our customers to enable Protected Mode in Internet Explorer. That seems strange, why add additional protection when you cannot interact with IE? In this blog, Dennis Geerlings explains the impact of user account control and why you should enable Protected Mode in order to be able to interact with IE.

15. Architecting a Login PI Deployment

What are the most important components needed to build a Login PI deployment in a VDI environment? In the final blog on this list, Adam Carter describes the Login PI Server and the Launcher. Adam also explains why you should place Login PI Launchers at the same locations as your actual users.

login pi remote locations

A centralized VDI environment with Login PI launchers at remote locations

Stay tuned for more in 2016

I hope that you enjoyed this list of our most-read content in 2015. Want more? Stay tuned to our blog for more exciting content in 2016!



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