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Most memorable VDI moments of 2016

Most memorable VDI moments of 2016

We have come to the closure of another year. Traditionally this is a time of reflection on the year that has gone by. Looking back, Login VSI is proud of the fact that we have been able to continue the trend of constant growth and improvement. In the past year, this resulted in a few remarkable accomplishments, that we would like to share with you. Let’s make next year even more memorable!

Predict application performance issues before end users notice

2016 was a big year for Login PI, with multiple new releases and enhancements. With Login PI’s predictive digital experience monitoring, (DEM), system administrators can monitor the end user experience without affecting productivity, provide early warnings on performance issues before they affect users, and generate reports on historical data to identify trends and determine uptime. The latest release of Login PI added a slick new interactive dashboard, automated email alerts, simplified network requirements, along with other new features. Stay tuned: client-side performance testing is just around the corner!

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 most memorable vdi moments of 2016 login pi dashboard

Login PI Dashboard

Microsoft & Login VSI join forces to deliver the ultimate RDS Performance

Microsoft and Login VSI joined forces to ensure Microsoft RDS users get the best performance and great end user experience. Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, formerly Terminal Services, provides virtual machine-based desktops from both within a corporate network and from the internet. For many years, Microsoft has been a valued customer, partner and promoter of Login VSI. In their recently published guides for planning, tuning and maintaining a RDS environment Microsoft advice customers to use Login VSI. These environments require necessary instrumentation and monitoring, exactly what we deliver for actually any virtual desktop environment.

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most memorable vdi moments of 2016 rds

Opening offices and entering markets

Amsterdam in 2012, that’s where it all started. In that year, we built the first version of Login VSI. A lot has happened since then. After moving our headquarters to Santa Clara, we gained a lot of attention in the vendor space. A little while after that, we became the standard for testing VDI and now the majority (90%+) of all vendors are using our software. While they continued to use our software, we kept on developing and improving our products and services. Nowadays we are a family of 3 products, helping enterprises with today’s VDI challenges. In this space, we see a shift towards the cloud, which is why we started testing that option. By doing so we are continuously expanding and growing, with offices in Amsterdam, Boston, Hong Kong and Santa Clara.

Expanding the product portfolio with Login AM

Earlier this year, we announced the addition of Login AM, formerly known as Automation Machine, to our product portfolio. Login AM helps to efficiently automate, maintain and deploy virtual desktop environments. Login AM, which effectively automates, maintains and deploys VDI environments, integrates seamlessly with VMware ESX. This integration enables IT organisations to manage and automate the creation, maintenance and update process for virtual images. Additionally, Login AM now has a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) connector which allows for easy migration of SCCM packages to Login AM.

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100% focus on VDI Operations software

 In July, our Login Consultants business was acquired by Orange through its Business Services entity. We have always had the ambition to make Login Consultants the main player in the European VDI services market. To reach this lofty goal, it needed to expand its footprint, professionalize its operations and grow its managed services practice. The Orange Business Services acquisition allows Login VSI to dedicate 100 percent of our time and resources on our core VDI Operations management software portfolio.

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most memorable vdi moments of 2016 login consultants and orange combine forces

Best of Citrix Synergy 2016 Finalist Award

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… except when you win a great award. In Las Vegas, we won a "Best of Citrix Synergy" award. Our entire product suite, consisting of Login VSI, Login AM and Login PI, was named a Finalist in the Desktop and Application Delivery category. A team of independent judges reviewed and evaluated the nominated products based on different criteria such as ease of use, innovation, functionality, performance and value. The award was presented to Login VSI at Citrix Synergy 2016 in Las Vegas.

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most memorable vdi moments of 2016 login vsi wins best of citrix synergy 2016 finalist award

Best of VMworld Europe User Awards 2016

Hosted by Computer Weekly and SearchServerVirtualisation.com, the Best of VMworld Europe User Awards shine a light on the technological abilities demonstrated by software organizations across the continent. Login VSI made the shortlist in the category ‘’Best desktop virtualization or mobility project’’.

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