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[Press Release] Login VSI’s #VDILIKEAPRO Lab Publishes Tuning Template for Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Login VSI’s #VDILIKEAPRO Lab Publishes Tuning Template for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Follow-up to the popular Windows 10 Tuning Template promises Server 2016 performance gains of up to 25%

Follow-up to the popular Windows 10 Tuning Template promises Server 2016 performance gains of up to 25%

Boston, MA, March 1, 2017

Login VSI, the industry leader in digital workplace performance management solutions for virtualized desktops, today published the Microsoft Server 2016 Tuning Template. This new expert performance tuning guide leverages the knowledge gained through Login VSI’s extensive tests performed on Windows Server 2016 since its release in October 2016. The new guide validates Login VSI’s long-standing position that a frequent and on-going performance testing program is key to providing the best possible user experience within your VDI environment.

Download the Tuning Template Now

In March 2016, Login VSI published the VDI Like a Pro Windows 10 Tuning Template. The tuning template, designed for use with VMware’s OS Optimization Tool (OSOT), can also be utilized to tune Windows 10 in any VDI environment such as Citrix XenApp and Microsoft RDS. The Windows 10 Tuning Template has since been downloaded thousands of times by virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) engineers and other IT pros who have used it to squeeze the best possible performance out of Windows 10 within their VDI environments. Login VSI’s Windows 10 Tuning Template has been cited by many IT and VDI authorities including Gartner and BrianMadden.com as an industry benchmark guide for tuning Windows 10 performance.

Upon the release of Microsoft Windows Server 2016 in October 2016, Login VSI’s VDI Like a Pro Lab got back to work. The lab’s initial performance testing of Server 2016 versus Server 2012 R2 showed a performance degradation of 15% due to the higher number of processes running in the background in Server 2016. The full VDI Like a Pro Lab testing methodology and results can be found in the Login VSI white paper “Windows Server 2016 Impact on VDI: Benchmark Results.”

The VDI Like a Pro Lab then turned its attention to tuning Server 2016 to see what performance gains could be made. The result of that effort in the new Server 2016 Tuning Template, which promises performance gains of up to 25% versus a non-tuned Windows 2016 environment configured as a Remote Desktop Services host (commonly referred to as Server Based Computing).

“VDI engineers, system administrators, and IT management understand that performance testing a VDI environment on a regular basis is important to guarantee the performance for their end users,” said Omar Bouhaj, lead test engineer on the tuning template project at Login VSI. “If you want to increase user density per server, the VDI Like a Pro Server 2016 Tuning Template is the way to go, as the numbers clearly show. We’re once again pleased to provide this tuning template as a resource to the VDI community.”

The #VDILIKEAPRO Server 2016 Tuning Template is available for complimentary download immediately. For more information and to download the VDI Like a Pro Server 2016 Tuning Template, visit the Login VSI blog.

Login VSI has also scheduled two webinars to introduce the Server 2016 Tuning Template and take live Q&A. To register for one of these webinars, click here.

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Michael Cooper - Citrix

"We use Login VSI as a level set. If we are looking at a system that we are putting on brand new hardware or that we are putting in the cloud, we may see those environments completely differently but the end result is: is the user going to have a good solid happy user experience? And what Login VSI provides us on all three platforms is fairly consistent apples-to-apples comparison: is the user happy?"

Michael Cooper, Director of Solutions Architecture and Global Alliances at Citrix Systems

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"You would be somewhat nuts to go to production with VDI without first and constantly re-evaluating with Login VSI. Always run all your changes through it so there are no surprises. Surprises in VDI never just hit one or two users--it's all or nothing.”

Rob Girard, Technical Marketing Engineer at Tintri

Eddy Zeehuisen - Gemeente Utrecht

“We didn’t want any surprises within our operating IT environment. Login VSI has brought up several performance improvements in the infrastructure. These were addressed together with the implementer and the various vendors.”

Eddy Zeehuisen, Program Manager U-Cloud at Gemeente Utrecht (Municipality of Utrecht, The Netherlands)

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