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The VDI Performance Summit

Visit the VDI Performance Summit to gain knowledge and experience about performance tuning VDI, improve end-user experience and IT service.

Join us in Amsterdam on January 29, 2019


VDI environments are a combination of many interrelated hardware and software components. VDI also introduces a single point of failure. Keeping these environments available and performing well at all times is a main concern for IT-service managers and VDI administrators alike. Due to the complexity of VDI, and the constant flow of changes to cope with, this task requires a high level of expertise.

Login VSI is the industry standard in VDI performance testing. Optimizing the performance and availability of VDI and other centralized Windows environments is our specialty. To share everything we learned, with other organizations using VDI, we are organizing our first live event ever: The Login VSI - VDI Performance Summit. This event will take place on January 29, 2019 in Amsterdam (NL).

Build your knowledge, network and experience with the Login VSI - VDI Performance Summit

We have built extensive knowledge and experience by working closely with large IT vendors in their R&D labs, and in projects at major end-user organizations. Projects where VDI tuning resulted in a 1,3 million hardware savings (from 2,3 million to 1 million) without losing performance, or where we increased the user density from 2.900 users to 4.400 users on the same hardware infrastructure.

All content presented at the conference will be 100% focused on the performance and tuning of VDI and SBC environments. Next to our own experts, speakers will include performance specialists from leading VDI vendors. We will present real use cases from large customers and will share brand-new VDI performance related market data from the independent research organisation VDIlikeaPRO.

Network with Industry Peers & VDI Experts

During the breaks you will be able to network with peers and meet vendors active in the VDI space and serious about VDI performance. They are asked to present their most innovative products that can provide solutions to your business needs.

Login VSI is organizing this VDI focused event for the first time. For this reason, every visitor will get a limited edition T-shirt, and we have requested all vendors to raffle a cool gift, just to make sure the tradeshow is not only useful, but also fun to attend!


Reasons to visit the VDI Performance Summit:

  • Be the first to get the latest market research on performance and tuning related topics.
  • Get in touch with experts that can help you in case you have questions after the event.
  • Meet local peers, also highly interested in VDI performance.
  • Get the stories from the trenches about real-life situations in the business track.
  • Learn tips and tricks to improve performance from real experts in the technical track.
  • Meet relevant vendors and learn the newest solutions that can help you improve EUX.
  • Get a limited edition T-shirt and win cool goodies in the different vendor sponsored raffles.

Space is limited, register today:

Sign me up!


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