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Workspace Management - Automate Every Detail of Your Virtual Desktop with Login AM

Workspace Management - Automate Every Detail of Your Virtual Desktop with Login AM

The large number of desktop applications, users and organizational influences found in medium to large sized organization creates a great challenge with deployment and maintenance of a consistent and responsive workspace for each user in that organization. As the number of applications and their corresponding updates grow in an ever changing organization, it becomes increasingly difficult for administrators to handle changes in a timely and cost effective manner. Existing deployment systems start to feel slow and inadequate.

Login AM introduces a single solution for Workspace Management on hosted desktops where it automates and simplifies all aspects of the workspace. From automatic deployment of the virtual desktop infrastructure up to the automatic publication of applications. Login AM allows administrators to optimize and accelerate the workspace management that drive cost down.

Dynamic deployment

An important part of any workspace management solution is the ability for administrators to deploy software to the systems. However, traditional deployment systems rely heavily on custom logic within the software packages in order to deploy packages correctly on a wide variety of systems. Creation and maintenance of packages is a time consuming and expensive process.

Login AM allows administrators to use vendor packages, or packages created for other distribution systems like Microsoft SCCM, directly without the need to repackage. Login AM allows administrators to apply platform or departmental configurations dynamically. This greatly reduces the lead times and cost associated with packaging.

Image management

Maintaining golden images for hosted virtual desktop environments (like VDI or Server Based Computing) is not as simple as promised. That "single golden image" is soon replaced by "a single golden image per operating system" or even "a single golden image per operating system per department per persona". In short, the number of golden images grows and are also subject to frequent changes.

With Login AM you can automatically build and seal golden images for Windows servers and virtual desktops. So instead of trying to shoehorn all possible application sets into a single image, Login AM focuses on the ability of administrators to quickly and consistently build and maintain those images. This allows the administrator to closely follow the business needs without the associated image management overhead.

Industry standards

Login AM is fully based on Microsoft PowerShell and XML. All functionality is based on these two technologies. This allows Login AM to adapt to emerging technologies quickly but it also allows administrators to add functionality to the solution that is specific to their situation.

Login AM does not introduce any proprietary technologies and can therefore be operated by anyone with sufficient knowledge of Windows operating systems and the target platform for which Login AM is being used.

The absence of proprietary technologies also eliminates the risk of long term commitment to a specific product.

Instant DTAP

The ability to build test environments that closely resemble the production environment is invaluable to many administrators. It enables them to prepare any changes to the production environment for that ‘first-time-right’ deployment but it also allows administrators to reproduce application issues without risking the production environment any further.

Through its light weight and portable file based architecture, Login AM enables administrators to create test environments on-demand. By building these test environments in a fully automated fashion, traditional costs of maintaining multiple environments is eliminated.


Blueprints provide exceptional operational efficiency, empowering IT professionals to focus on delivering IT services. Blueprint allow IT administrators to create flexible and reusable templates for deploying and maintaining desktop virtualization platforms including desktop applications as well as infrastructure servers like Microsoft SQL server and IIS servers. IT administrators capture their infrastructure in a blueprint model which can be configured for each individual department or customer specifically.

We already have blueprints for all main desktop virtualization platforms out there, adding more each day. Take a look now.

24/7 Maintenance

In a 24 hour economy and with follow-the-sun operations, centralized desktop environments need to be continuously online. This poses significant logistical challenges for administrators who want to maintain their platform. When is the appropriate time for them to maintain the platform? How much time are the systems allowed to go down for maintenance and how often?

Login AM is equipped with a configurable automated maintenance task. Based on predefined rules, changes are automatically applied in a transparent way without disturbing users or posing downtime.

Automated Active Directory group creation

One of the most tedious tasks in any IT organization is entering Active Directory groups. Especially when these groups need to be replicated across multiple domains (in case of test environments for instance) mistakes are easily made. Group naming inconsistencies and failure to comply with naming conventions cause many automation efforts or large scale group management efforts to fail.

Login AM has the option to automatically create Active Directory security groups for each application it installs following the conventions that are defined for the environment at hand. Groups that are created using Login AM automatically follow your naming conventions and inconsistencies are a thing of the past.

Profile management

Apart from obvious scaling issues, profiles are the number one cause for slow logons in any Hosted Desktop environment. Furthermore, the standard profile solutions offered by Windows are inadequate for hybrid scenarios where users may have multiple simultaneous connections to different operating system versions. To make matters worse, profile corruptions caused by these situations are generally resolved by issuing a new empty profile to the affected user. By doing this, all personal settings of the user are gone.

Login AM contains a best of breed user profile solution that prevents these profile issues, greatly reduces helpdesk calls and greatly improves logon times.


Because Login AM is an open and lightweight system that doesn’t require a complex backend infrastructure, it is very easy to integrate with existing software deployment systems to solve specific problem areas like Hosted Desktops environments. Login AM can augment the deployment capabilities of your organization by adding a purpose built solution for supporting Hosted Desktops without affecting any part of your existing deployment infrastructure.

Furthermore, organizations with large distributed desktop infrastructures can save time and money on the packaging process by re-using the packages that are created for the desktop PCs on the Hosted Desktop systems. Login AM allows the administrators to make those packages suitable for deployment on a Hosted Desktop environment.


  • Reduce (re)packaging cost
  • Significantly reduction of helpdesk calls and loss of productivity
  • Less administration time outside business hours
  • Significant reduction of project lead times
  • Increase in change deployment rate
  • Can be used for specific use cases without interrupting existing systems and processes

Do you also want to handle changes in your VDI environment in a timely and cost effective manner? Contact us to find out what Login AM can do for you.

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Keith Hageman - Micron

"When I joined Micron in June 2014, the first thing I did is find out if we have a copy of Login VSI and if we could run a 1000 user test case instance (which we could). We use Login VSI to run tests for customers and for case studies and I really have loved Login VSI for the last 3 or 4 years.”

Keith Hageman, Senior Solutions Architect at Micron Technology

Bill Kleyman - MTM Technologies

"From the engineering perspective and from the architecture perspective, we absolutely love the technology behind Login VSI. We actually use Login VSI as a pro-active tool to help our customers understand the dynamic nature of a datacenter and the business."

Bill Kleyman, VP of Strategy and Innovation at MTM Technologies

Manoj Doshi - Aetna

"Login VSI gives you a true picture of performance in your environment, whether you’ve built it right or need to make changes. When you don’t have room for mistakes, Login VSI provides you with the confidence and assurance that the environment is going to work."

Manoj Doshi, Director - Client Technology Innovation at Aetna

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