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Video: Product Demo - The Value of Login AM

Product Demo - The Value of Login AM

We understand what it takes to manage a virtual desktop environment. We have spent years perfecting the workflow to successfully deploy and maintain these types of environments and all its applications.

We believe that virtual desktop engineers should have more fun! That's why Login AM is not your typical automation or deployment solution. Login AM is focused on making you as a virtual desktop engineer more productive and giving you tools to get the job done.

Watch the recording below to get an in-depth demo of the functionalities of Login AM.

Are you a VDI engineer and do you want to have more fun? Request a personal demo of Login AM

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What our customers are saying

Andrew Mills - Nutanix

“Predictability is a key piece to VDI. It’s one of reasons that VDI has scared people away, but Login VSI solves that. If you’re going to do it, do it right. Login VSI really gives that rubber stamp on doing it right.”

Andrew Mills, VDI Alliances Manager at Nutanix

Dan O'Farrell - Dell

"The primary goal of our VDI appliances is to simplify and to take the guesswork out of VDI, and the Login VSI tests help us to do that from a performance expectation capability. When we offer one of our appliances to our customers, we deliver benchmarks that are validated using multiple Login VSI workloads. When compared to a customer’s workload, these Login VSI-enabled benchmarks allow precise sizing estimations to be created."

Dan O'Farrell, Director, Product Marketing, Cloud & Client at Dell

Kelly Murphy - Gridstore

"Ultimately, VDI is about performance. If a customer's virtual experience is not as fast as the physical experience, they don’t use it. Login VSI is great in helping us to really quantify and to show performance, to test systems and design those systems in such a way to ensure that you can deliver that kind of performance."

Kelly Murphy, CTO and Founder at HyperGrid

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