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Monitoring your network share with Login PI

Monitoring your network share with Login PI

A network share is a critical component in the IT infrastructure of any organization to store and open files. But what would happen if your colleagues can’t reach their corporate data for some time? What if it takes minutes to open or write a file to the network share? This would probably mean a serious loss of time. Many monitoring solutions give you the ability to monitor the I/O load on your SAN or fileserver. These tools often also have the ability to monitor the network. But what if the drive mapping fails? What if your fileserver is saturated? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to monitor the entire chain from the perspective of an end-user? Today is your lucky day because in this blogpost I will explain how you can monitor your network share with Login PI.

Customizing the workload

By default the Login PI workloads are stored in the following location:

C:\Program Files\Login PI\shared\workloads

Open the workload you want to adjust or create a new one. We will need to add read and write actions to this workload. In this case I have chosen to open a txt file (read action), add text to the file, save the file (write action), remove the added text, save the file again and eventually close the file.

In this example my J drive represents the corporate network drive. This contains a folder management with the file DailyReport.txt

monitoring your network share with login pi dailyreport txt

By adding the following code to the PI workload we can monitor the J drive

######## TEST YOUR NETWORK SHARE ########
# Open the text file
App_Start("J Drive", "J:\Management", "DailyReport.txt", "Title", "DailyReport")
# Type J Drive test into the text file
VSI_Type("J Drive", "J drive test")
# Save the text file
VSI_Save("J Drive", "{CTRLDOWN}s{CTRLUP}", "J:\Management\DailyReport.txt")
# Revert the typing in the text file
VSI_Type("J Drive", "{CTRLDOWN}z{CTRLUP}")
# Save the text file
VSI_Save("J Drive", "{CTRLDOWN}s{CTRLUP}", "J:\Management\DailyReport.txt")
# Close the text file
App_Close("J Drive", "Title", "DailyReport")

Don’t forget to save your workload and make sure that you choose the right workload in Login PI:

monitoring your network share with login pi workload settings

Get alerted

By default you will be alerted by the auto threshold. But if you want to set the threshold even tighter you can press the threshold button. In here you can specify a specific amount of time an action gets before you get alerted.

monitoring your network share with login pi thresholds

With this in mind you will get alerted when:

  • The drive map isn’t available
  • It takes too long to open the txt file which can be caused by:
    • The network
    • High latency on read actions
    • High latency write actions
    • Antivirus updates
    • A saturated fileserver
  • NTFS settings that are preventing the file or folder to be opened
  • Share permissions that are preventing the file or folder to be opened
  • And many other possible causes

Login PI will test your network drive the way your end-users are experiencing it. This will help you to take action before your end-users start complaining about slow read-write actions. Over time Login PI will even give you historical data on the performance of your network drive so you can locate performance trends.

About the author

Jasper Geelen (@jaspergeelen) has a background in ICT and joined Login VSI as a pre-sales engineer in 2015. He loves drinking a lot of coffee (some might call him an addict). In his spare time, Jasper enjoys a beer and he is part of a football / soccer team. He also coaches a team of younger football players.

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