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Troubleshoot Citrix Web Interface when using Login VSI and CTXConnector

Troubleshoot Citrix Web Interface when using Login VSI and CTXConnector

In my previous post, I discussed common errors when using SFConnect. Here I will focus on errors and troubleshooting issues related to CTXConnector and the Citrix Web Interface. The first step in setting up Login VSI tests in a Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop environment is to know which Login VSI Citrix connector to use. This is pretty simple. If you are using Citrix Web Interface, you will use CTXConnector. If you have Citrix StoreFront, you will use SFConnect.


So what happens when a session is initialized usting CTXConnector? The CTXConnector opens up the Citrix Web Interface and inputs the user credentials. Here, it looks for and clicks on the published desktop shown in the Citrix Web Interface. CTXConnector then downloads the ICA file and opens it up in the launcher. The Citrix Receiver then takes the file, connects to a target machine, and boots off a test. This process is fairly simple and straightforward. But the issue is that CTXConnector is not as robust and reliable as SFConnect. CTXConnector does work, but there is usually some kind of tweaking in the command line that must be done.

What are the most common issues seen with CTXConnector?

1. A timeout while waiting 30 seconds for document to contain text ‘User name’

troubleshoot citrix web interface when using login vsi and ctxconnector a timeout while waiting 30 seconds for document to contain text user name

What happened here is that the Citrix Web Interface was opened, but the "error" was that the user credentials could not be input. The reason for this is probably that the Citrix Web Interface URL was not placed into the Local Intranet and Protected Mode was not set to Enabled. By putting the URL into the Local Intranet with Protected Mode enabled, Internet Explorer security will not block CTXConnector from interacting with the Web Interface.

troubleshoot citrix web interface when using login vsi and ctxconnector internet options enable protected modeThese are the steps to resolve this issue:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Go to Internet Options
  • Click the Security tab
  • Select Local Intranet
  • Check the box next to Enable Protected Mode
  • Click Sites
  • Click Advanced
  • Add your URL to the field and click Add
  • Apply your settings

2. Closing Internet Explorer before the test resources started

troubleshoot citrix web interface when using login vsi and ctxconnector closing internet explorer

Get a window like this and see Internet Explorer close? This is an issue with timing. CTXConnector has timers to be able to log in to the user, as the time waiting to be able to log on is important to user experience. If it takes a long time for the Citrix Web Interface to appear on Internet Explorer, you will reach a time out and the Web Interface will close. In order to overcome this, timer parameters need to be placed into the Login VSI command line: -t1 and –t2.

T1 is the time between the Web Interface presenting the available resources and CTXConnector trying to start the specified resource. If the parameter is not specified it defaults to 25 seconds.

T2 is the time between the resource being started and CTXConnector trying to log off from the Web Interface.

So how do you use it? Just add the parameters to the end of the command line like this:

\\Server\VSIshare\_VSI_Binaries\Connectors\CTXConnector.exe -s http://totallylegitserver.com –u Loginvsi1 –p -tab “Desktops –r -t1 5 –t2 5

As each environment is different, your times for the timers will probably be different as well. Find the sweet spot that works for you.

While these are very useful to be able to connect onto the Citrix Web Interface, putting the timers too high can skew the results of your test. Each user signing on increases the overall test time.


Make sure CTXConnector can interact with the Citrix Web Interface. The timer is an important part of this, and I hope these tips will help you overcome any issues that arise. If not then we are there to help at support@loginvsi.com.

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