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Login VSI introduces new global testing practice

Login VSI introduces new global testing practice

Many of our customers lack the manpower, specific knowledge or infrastructure to execute the SBC or VDI tests they desire. For this reason Login VSI has created a new global testing practice where experienced VDI consultants help you onsite or remote. As of today, these testing services are available through our offices in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the USA.

The VDI consultants of Login VSI can help you with all the installation, testing and reporting activities you need. This way you are certain the test environment is set up correctly, and the performance tests are done in a reliable and referenceable way.

Proof of Concept

To see is to believe. With a Login VSI Proof of Concept (POC) you experience the working of Login VSI in your environment. This allows you to make a sound decision with respect to the benefits of Login VSI for your organization. During the POC our consultants install the tool, set up a small test environment and perform some tests. The results will be documented. Depending on the complexity of your environment, the Login VSI POC will take between one or two weeks.

Part 1: Preparation - Intake and scoping
- Launcher machines, target environment and unique accounts
Part 2: Proof of Concept - Installation of Login VSI Pro
- Setup test environment
- Execution of tests
Part 3: Report - Proof of Concept report of results and recommendations

Online Workshop

The 4-hour online workshop is the quickest way to get started with the load testing tool Login VSI.

Part 1: Before implementation - How to set up the environment 3.5 hours
Part 2: After implementation - Review of the test environment and tips 0.5 hours


Login VSI Foundation is a 1 to 5 day comprehensive onsite or remote/online implementation package designed to help our customers to start testing with Login VSI in a quick and correct way. Dependent on the needs, Login VSI will support you with:

Part 1: Training - Training of the team
- Best practices, tips and tricks
- Analysis of test-results
1 day
Part 2: Implementation - Installation of Login VSI
- Execution of tests
- Analysis of the tests
3 days
Part 3: Customization - The customization of workloads 1 day

Test Services

The experienced VDI consultants of Login VSI can help you with all installation and testing activities. This way you are certain the test environment is set up correctly, and the tests are done in a reliable and referenceable way. We can do all the tests for you in your environment, or in our own datacenters. We can help you without bothering your people, or train them on the job.

Our consultants are very happy to help you with the following Server Based Computing and VDI related performance challenges:

  • The correct installation and setup of your Login VSI test environment
  • The setup and correct execution of all your intended tests
  • The modification of the standard user workloads by scripting
  • The addition of your own applications to the tests by scripting
  • The interpretation of test results and the writing of reports and white papers

Our consultants can execute these tasks for you independently, work together with your team, or we can just validate the correct execution of these tasks by you or a third party (and act as a second opinion).

Our consultants are trained to test the following environments: VMware Horizon View, Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix XenApp, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and all other popular VDI and SBC environments.

All our Login VSI based consultancy services will be executed based on time and materials or on a fixed fee. Total costs are always dependent on the total time needed to do the job well. In case travel is needed, extra costs will apply. Ask Quote.

Our consultants are also happy to help you with the following Server Based Computing and VDI related performance challenges:

VDI benchmarking
Objectively compare different VDI infrastructure options, and make better choices.
Which different hardware and software options work best for you? How to avoid wrong decisions? Do you rely on vendor test lab data or do you prefer to make decisions based on real life tests, executed in your own specific infrastructure?
VDI capacity planning / hardware sizing
Decide exactly what is needed to guarantee all your users an acceptable desktop performance.
If we move from fat to thin clients, how much servers and storage do we need to maintain a good user experience? If our company staff grows with 10% a year, when do I need to grow my infrastructure?
VDI load / stress testing
Gain insight in the maximum capacity of your existing (or new) hardware environment.
How many users can the current data center support while keeping acceptable performance? Can we handle 100 more users? Can we handle peak loads? How about login storms?
VDI change impact prediction
Predict the impact of all technical modifications, on your VDI and SBC performance.
What is the effect on VDI and SBC performance of each and every intended upgrade, update, patch, new version or new application?

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What our customers are saying

Shai Maskit - Kaminario

“We tested 750 seats so customers can compare Kaminario with solutions from other vendors. It really comes down to delivering the best user experience at the right price point. As soon as we show the solution and that it has been validated by Login VSI customers can rest assured that it will fit the rest of their environment.”

Shai Maskit, Director of Product & Solutions at Kaminario

Maarten Bruijnesteijn - PPG

"We are using Login VSI for hardware scaling. By testing the number of users that can run on our environment, we know the amount of hardware that we will need upfront. We also use Login VSI in our production acceptance process to test changes to the system to evaluate changes to the environment."

Maarten Bruijnesteijn, System Software Analyst at PPG Industries

Shaun Donaldson - Bitdefender

"As a software vendor, the reason that we became a Login VSI customer is that we wanted to see how we compared to our competitors. After talking to VMware and Citrix about how they test their products, it became clear to me that we needed to follow our strategic partners and be able to show how our product compares favorably to our competitors. We just completed a round of tests using Login VSI and you will see white papers showing performance data."

Shaun Donaldson, Alliances Director at Bitdefender

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