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Actionable Cost/Performance Data for Cloud Services

Login Enterprise Cloud Capacity Report delivers real insight, supporting technical and financial decisions. In this report, three Microsoft Azure Instances were tested to find the most effective cost to performance ratio.

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Are you unsure if you’re using the optimal configuration in your Cloud Workspace? Let us help you find your sweet spot and start saving money.

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Test Details

In these tests, we benchmarked the launch time of Microsoft Excel to track Workspace usability. However, we could have just as easily used any other business application like Epic, Bloomberg, Power BI, Cerner, Chipsoft HiX, or SAP. We also could have tested application-specific tasks, such as opening a patient file, sending an email, or browsing certain websites and/or SaaS applications.

Login Enterprise virtual users logged on to each Azure Virtual Desktop and simulated real user interactions with the system. These interactions and logons then generated load on the system. In parallel, Login Enterprise tracks application performance. In this case, Login Enterprise would have saved the company $183,000/year by choosing the correct instance size.