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    Tested with Login VSI

    Application layering has been around for a few years as a solution to deliver applications to a virtual desktop. And looking at market trends, it keeps gaining popularity.

    Application layering offers significant benefits, providing maximum flexibility to manage applications without having to touch your base images. But how do you design an environment that will perform the same, or even better as natively installed applications? And how can you quickly validate that all your applications still work after an upgrade or change?

    At Login VSI, we increasingly get questions about application layering. Organizations are running into bottlenecks, struggling with performance, and questioning the impact when implementing this technology—as always, continuously testing your environment is critical. We put Citrix Application Layering on the test bench and can tell you all about the best and worst possible configurations.

    Key takeaways of this webinar:

    • • Application layering market trends (VDI Like a PRO research)
    • • Application load/performance test results (Login VSI test lab)
    • • How change management ensures a successful application strategy
    • • How to validate the performance of your environment

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