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The first product, load generator Login VSI, was designed and built by experienced VDI consultants that needed an easy-to-use tool for benchmarking, load- and stress-testing, scaling and sizing, and change impact analysis, of virtualized desktop environments such as Microsoft Terminal Server (now Remote Desktop Services), Citrix XenApp, and later Citrix XenDesktop and VMware Horizon View.

Login VSI was initially offered for free as a contribution to the global EUC community. As large companies started to rely on the product to build and maintain their production environments, and vendors adopted the product as their product of choice for testing, requests for professional support and maintenance of the product started to emerge.

To address this need the company Login VSI was informally established in 2009. The legal entity was formally founded in 2012. In a few years the company has grown Login VSI from a free tool to the undisputed industry standard for VDI performance testing, and a critical component of infrastructure- and application performance management. Login VSI currently has a offices in Boston MA, covering the USA and Canada, and Amsterdam, covering Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and South America.

In 2016 Login VSI introduced its second product solution, Login PI, for the pro-active monitoring of any desktop environment, including fat, virtual, and cloud based clients.

In 2017 the company received an official patent on its unique testing methodology, protecting not only the test-method but also recognized indices VSImax and VSIbase.

In 2018 the company leveraged its core technology, the virtual user, to create its new suite for the enterprise market, the Login VSI Enterprise Edition. This new edition combines our load-testing capability with our active monitoring capability, to provide a comprehensive solution for application performance management, change impact analysis and DevOps. With our solutions we help to improve the performance, stability and resilience of SBC, VDI and Cloud environments (both infrastructure as applications).

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