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Login VSI is a private company. With Login VSI we have grown into the undisputed industry standard for VDI testing. Login VSI is used by all major IT vendors, active in the VDI market, including hardware vendors (servers, semiconductors, and storage), and software vendors (operating system, security, SBC/VDI, and business applications).

Login VSI is quickly gaining traction in the enterprise market, where also the request to leverage our virtual technology into an active monitoring product emerged. With our proven and patented synthetic user technology, Login VSI has developed an unique core competency that allows us to grow our product portfolio into new dimensions quickly. A new product, leveraging this technology, is currently in research and development stage.

The introduction of Login PI, our active monitoring solution, has accelerated the adoption of our technology into the enterprise market. In 2017 we modernized both the product platform and the global organization, creating a solid base for further growth. In 2018 we introduced our Login VSI Enterprise Edition as a solution for large enterprises.

Even though we are not actively looking for investors, we are approached regularly on this topic. We want to keep an open mind, and understand we could benefit from a win-win oriented partner. If you are interested to brainstorm with us about some form of participation in our company, you are welcome to contact investors@loginvsi.com.

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