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Best Practices

Title Created Date
Introducing the Login VSI Knowledge Base June 02, 2017
8 Reasons to Choose Login PI for Digital Workplace Performance Management May 22, 2017
Three Reasons Gartner Thinks VDI and DaaS User Experience Matters May 15, 2017
VDI Performance Testing: To VSImax or not to VSImax September 22, 2016
5 Best Practices for VDI Workload Customization with Login VSI August 31, 2016
Top 5 Freeware Tools for VDI System Administrators August 11, 2016
Stop Wasting Time: How Time Settings Affect VDI Performance Tests May 11, 2016
Recorded Webinar: VDI Performance Testing Like A Pro – Learn from our Best Practices and Guidelines April 13, 2016
The Ultimate Windows 10 Tuning Template for any VDI Environment March 31, 2016
Tune Windows 10 in every VDI environment with VMware OS Optimization Tool March 08, 2016
Advanced Scheduling of Monitoring Jobs in Login PI February 11, 2016
Debugging Login PI Workloads February 02, 2016
Calculating Maximum Virtual Desktop Capacity – VSImax Explained January 05, 2016
Scalability testing with Login VSI: X-IO perspectives December 16, 2015
Workload Mashup - Simulate different behaviors of various users during a VDI performance test November 30, 2015
Monitoring your network share with Login PI November 16, 2015
Top 5 Performance Tuning Tips for Windows 10 in VDI November 10, 2015
Recorded Webinar: Project VRC - The performance of Windows 10 in VDI November 06, 2015
VDI Load Testing: When do I need an extra VSIshare? October 22, 2015
Customizing Workloads: Extending the Login VSI and Login PI scripting language September 11, 2015
How to configure Login PI to send alerts via e-mail July 22, 2015
Top 12 Virtualized Desktop Performance Testing Mistakes July 01, 2015
Getting Started Video Series for Login VSI June 24, 2015
Training Videos: Getting Started with Login PI June 17, 2015
Virtualized desktop performance evaporates over time: Scheduling custom tasks to Login PI events May 29, 2015
Measure Microsoft App-V publishing time with Login PI April 23, 2015
Disconnected Sessions - Login VSI Support Perspective April 14, 2015
Importing Citrix XenServer Performance Data into Login VSI March 05, 2015
A hidden gem for Login VSI workload customization: Problem Steps Recorder in Windows February 26, 2015
Architecting a Login PI Deployment February 19, 2015
Troubleshoot Citrix Web Interface when using Login VSI and CTXConnector January 29, 2015
User account control impact on automating Internet Explorer during a Login VSI test January 15, 2015
Common Citrix StoreFront errors and how to avoid them in a Login VSI test January 08, 2015
Platonism and IT, an unbeatable combination December 01, 2014
Graphics testing in virtualized desktop environments: How-to size your launchers November 18, 2014
Help... my sessions aren’t doing anything - Troubleshooting Login VSI tests November 13, 2014
Cleaning up esxtop log files using PowerShell - Login VSI Tips and Tricks October 28, 2014
Technical Introduction to Login VSI October 07, 2014
Recognizing Faulty Power Settings in a Performance Test - Login VSI Tips and Tricks September 24, 2014
Analyzing Login VSI Results September 03, 2014
User Account Control Impact on File Access August 13, 2014
Best Practices in Virtualization Testing: Small-scale vs. full-scale testing July 03, 2014