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Financial Services

banking finance insuranceFinancial services organizations like banking and insurance companies highly depend on IT to provide a wide selection of financial services to their customers and efficient tools to their employees. The number of software applications that need to be kept operational is overwhelming, with solutions for online and mobile banking, call-center, loans and savings, reseller portals, customer loyalty, CRM, risk assessment, audit and control, money transfers and much more. To complicate matters, each solution consists of several separate and technically different applications (online payment solution iDEAL uses around 25 applications).

As finance organizations are turning to virtual desktop environments like VDI and DaaS to improve their efficiency, flexibility, data accessibility, compliance and data security, the availability and performance of all these applications has become a key concern. While most organizations already have extensive monitoring solutions in place, there is a strong need for a more pro-active approach to prevent problems, before they occur.

The unique combination of load-testing and active monitoring capabilities of Login VSI Enterprise Edition (EE) complements traditional monitoring solutions. Where classic monitoring is reactive, infrastructure focused, needs real users, helps to fix problems; Login VSI EE is pro-active, user experience oriented, uses virtual users and helps to prevent problems. Many enterprises and vendors, active in Finance (see examples below), use Login VSI to guarantee a uninterrupted and productive end-user experience.

The workloads used by Login VSI can be used right out of the box to mimic the most common business user types. During our years of experience in the finance market we have built additional workload scripts (available as reusable building blocks) for most of the larger financial applications, including Bloomberg and more. This makes further customization of synthetic workloads for your organization an relatively efficient task.

Login VSI Enterprise Edition can help financial services organizations with:

- Building solid on-premise environments (benchmarking, sizing, scaling)           
- 24/7 pro-active monitoring and management of user experience           Read more...
- Guaranteeing (customer and employee) application availability          
- Impact validation of planned infrastructure or application changes           Read more...
- The detection/prediction of performance impact of unplanned changes           Read more... 
- 24/7 verification of user experience on different remote locations            Read more...
- Checking the adherence to SLA’s with providers of Cloud-based services           Read more... 
- A good performance and availability of Bloomberg and other applications           Read more...

To read a financial services reference case, click here

Login VSI Enterprise Edition offers a complete solution to pro-actively prevent performance problems in VDI or DaaS. Contact us for more information and pricing.


Manoj Doshi - Aetna

"Login VSI gives you a true picture of performance in your environment, whether you’ve built it right or need to make changes. When you don’t have room for mistakes, Login VSI provides you with the confidence and assurance that the environment is going to work."

Manoj Doshi, Director - Client Technology Innovation at Aetna

Johnny Blizzard - Health Insurance Organization

"We now have indisputable empirical proof supporting our claims. With Login VSI, we can run our own applications against various hardware platforms before we move to production! Application owners can see how their code impacts their users on our systems and we can present our findings to management for funding increases. We can also advocate for the users when supporting their claims of poor performance, all because of Login VSI."

Johnny Blizzard, Sr. IT Systems Engineer at a Health Insurance Organization

Some of our financial services customers:


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