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Healthcare Organizations Benefit with Login VSI

healthcareThe 100% availability, and 100% reliable performance of mission critical applications can be a matter of life or death in healthcare organizations. Modern Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDO’s) are more and more turning to virtual desktop environments like VDI and DaaS to improve their efficiency, flexibility, data accessibility, compliance and data security. To secure and protect a 100% availability of applications running in these (often fragile) environments, must be a key concern for every healthcare organization.

Avoid Problems with Login VSI Enterprise Edition (EE)

The unique combination of load-testing and active monitoring capabilities of Login VSI EE will complement the traditional monitoring solutions that may already be in place. Where traditional monitoring solutions are reactive, infrastructure focused, need real users, and help to fix problems; Login VSI EE is pro-active, user experience oriented, uses virtual users and helps to prevent problems. Many enterprises and vendor organizations active in Healthcare (see examples below) are using the solutions of Login VSI to guarantee a uninterrupted and productive end-user experience.

The workloads used by Login VSI can be used right out of the box to mimic the most common business user types. During our years of experience in the healthcare market we have built additional workload scripts (available as reusable building blocks) for most of the larger healthcare applications, including Allscripts, Cerner, Epic and Chipsoft. This makes customization of workloads for your organization an easy task. We also have experience with, and building blocks for, BlueCross BlueShield organisations.

How Login VSI EE Helps Healthcare Organizations:

• Building solid on-premise environments (benchmarking, sizing, scaling) 
• 24/7 pro-active monitoring and management of user experience Read more...
• Guaranteeing a high degree of (healthcare) application availability Read more...
• Impact validation of planned infrastructure or application changes Read more...
• The detection/prediction of performance impact of unplanned changes Read more...
• 24/7 verification of user experience on different remote locations Read more...
• Checking the adherence to SLA’s with providers of Cloud-based services  Read more...
• A good performance and availability of Allscripts, Cerner, Epic, and Chipsoft   Read more...

Read our healthcare services reference case study:

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Some of our healthcare customers:




Core Features Of Our Solution Suites

Our software solutions improve the performance, scalability and availability of your virtual desktop environments.

Login VSI Enterprise Edition, for example, offers a complete solution to pro-actively prevent performance problems in VDI or DaaS. Contact us for more information and pricing.


    Enterprise    Enterprise XL    Vendor  
Contains Login VSI X X X
Contains Login PI X X  
Contains login AT   X  
Works with centralized Windows environments X X  
Scalability testing X X X
Performance testing X X X
Availability testing X X  
Compatibility testing of many applications   X  
IT vendors offering hardware or software
being part of VDI, SBC & DaaS infrastructures

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Expert Testimonials:

Sajad Shah - Cancer Research

"Login VSI has empowered us to make more informed decisions on releasing a new vDisk which we now do on a monthly basis. We have found that Login VSI tests can also flag other issues in our environment that may not be picked up by our standard User Testing which allows us to either make the appropriate changes to the vDisk or workload script adjustments to run successful tests. This has given us peace of mind and allows us to release VDI’s with confidence."

Sajad Shah, Senior Technical Analyst at Cancer Research UK

  • "Login VSI is about quantifying the number of users I can get on VDI. It's a fantastic thing."

    Brian Madden - EUC guru and blogger at VMware

  • "Login VSI is the industry standard for benchmarking software. It's a key solution."

    Ruben Spruijt - Senior Technologist at Nutanix

  • "With Login VSI, we know what the impact is of new products and new Windows builds"

    Rob Beekmans - Technical Marketing Manager - Citrix

  • "The biggest benefit is gaining visibility of the performance of your environment."

    Christiaan Brinkhoff - Cloud Architect & Technical Evangelist - Microsoft

  • "Login VSI and Login PI allow us to provide a better user experience."

    Kilian Arjona - CTO - Flexxible IT

  • "I actively use Login PI for active monitoring. It helps track user-trends, see degradation through updates and Windows maintenance"

    Leee Jeffries - Managing Director & Consultant - Leee Jeffries Consulting



Our Latest Awards

Our industry-standard software solutions have been honored many times over the years by our peers.

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Best of Citrix Synergy 2018
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Best Of Citrix Synergy 2016 Finalist Award Desktop And Application Delivery




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About the company Login VSI

The company Login VSI provides end-user performance insights for virtualized desktop and server-based computing environments. Enterprise IT departments use flagship product Login VSI (for load testing) and Login PI (for continuity testing) in all phases of their virtual desktop deployment—from planning to deployment to change management—to build and safeguard a good performance, a high availability, and (as a result) a good and consistent end-user experience. For more information about Login VSI or for a free test license contact us.

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