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manufacturingManufacturers—whether consumer goods, life sciences, automotive, technology and industrial--are increasingly adopting VDI as a way to enable their workforces to work with graphics-rich applications like CAD and multimedia-intensive solutions, while maintaining security, performance and data quality. GPU-enabled virtualized desktop technology will add use cases for manufacturers, including the potential to accelerate innovation essential for market leadership.

Around the world, Login VSI is used by manufacturers to size, scale and predict performance for each unique virtualized desktop environment. Further, as the manufacturing workforce becomes increasingly mobile, IT departments in manufacturing companies are able to reduce the risk of downtime and deliver a great end user experience to their end customers.

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Maarten Bruijnesteijn - PPG

"We are using Login VSI for hardware scaling. By testing the number of users that can run on our environment, we know the amount of hardware that we will need upfront. We also use Login VSI in our production acceptance process to test changes to the system to evaluate changes to the environment."

Maarten Bruijnesteijn, System Software Analyst at PPG Industries

Bastian Maier - MöllerGroup

“Login AM leads to a considerable reduction of the workload and a noticeable increase in performance. With Login AM, it is now possible to make new Office applications available to the 185 users at the Citrix locations with just a few clicks.”

Bastian Maier, IT Team Leader at MöllerGroup

Some of our manufacturing customers