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manufacturingManufacturers - whether consumer goods, life sciences, automotive, technology and industrial - are increasingly adopting VDI and DaaS as a way to enable their workforces to work in a flexible way with their own applications and data, from any location in the often very large industrial plants.

In many occasions these applications used by modern workforces are graphics-rich applications like CAD and multimedia-intensive solutions which put high demands on the end-user experience. GPU-enabled virtualized desktop technology address this need. The fast developments in this space will add use cases to innovative manufacturers, including the potential to accelerate product design and development.

To secure and protect the 100% availability of applications running in these (often large and demanding) environments, is a key concern for every manufacturing organization.

The unique combination of load-testing and active monitoring capabilities of Login VSI Enterprise Edition (EE) complements traditional monitoring solutions that may already be in place. Where traditional monitoring solutions are reactive, infrastructure focused, need real users, and help to fix problems; Login VSI EE is pro-active, user experience oriented, uses virtual users and helps to prevent problems. Many manufacturing companies (see examples below) are using Login VSI to guarantee a uninterrupted and productive end-user experience to their production and office workforce.

The workloads used by Login VSI can be used right out of the box to mimic the most common user types. With our experience in the manufacturing market we have built additional workload scripts (available as reusable building blocks) for the most popular applications used, such as AutoCAD, CATIA and SolidWorks. This makes further customization of workloads for your organization an easy task. Contact us for more information about the latest details.

Login VSI Enterprise Edition can help manufacturing organizations with:

- Building solid on-premise environments (benchmarking, sizing, scaling)           
- 24/7 pro-active monitoring and management of user experience           Read more...
- Guaranteeing a high degree of (production/office) application availability           Read more...
- Impact validation of planned infrastructure or application changes           Read more...
- The detection/prediction of performance impact of unplanned changes           Read more... 
- 24/7 verification of user experience on different remote locations           Read more...
- Checking the adherence to SLA’s with providers of Cloud-based services           Read more... 
- A good performance and availability of your manufacturing applications           Read more...

To read a manufacturing reference case, click here

Login VSI Enterprise Edition offers a complete solution to pro-actively prevent performance problems in VDI or DaaS. Contact us for more information and pricing.


Maarten Bruijnesteijn - PPG

"We are using Login VSI for hardware scaling. By testing the number of users that can run on our environment, we know the amount of hardware that we will need upfront. We also use Login VSI in our production acceptance process to test changes to the system to evaluate changes to the environment."

Maarten Bruijnesteijn, System Software Analyst at PPG Industries

Some of our manufacturing customers


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