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    Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ) Report: Login VSI’s Role in Addressing Key Requirements of Digital Economy

    Software vendors are delivering changes to Operating Systems and Applications faster than ever. Agile development is driving smaller (but still significant), more frequent changes. Digital Workspace managers in the Enterprise are being bombarded with increased demand.

    With this in mind, Login VSI looks at the issues and solutions to the challenges Digital Workspace management will be presented with – today and tomorrow.

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    Managing the Influx

    The rate of changes for the OS and Applications keeps increasing. It seems like there are updates every day, and keeping up with those updates is a daunting task.

    Digital workspace managers need the ways and means to keep up with all the changes AND reduce the risk that all these updates represent for the applications themselves, the infrastructure they live on, and most importantly, for the users that rely on Digital Workspaces to do their job effectively and efficiently.


    Reducing Risk

    Login VSI can help lower the risks associated with making IT changes in your environment. Testing the environment using synthetic users provides the results, and you can confidently decide if to:

    • Roll out changes to the real users
    • Optimize the environment
    • Supply more resources to cope with the workload

    We have resources to help define the issues and find solutions to help Digital Workspace Environment Managers and Administrators keep up with this rising tide.

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