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Before we begin

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2. Before we begin
3. Dataserver setup walkthrough
4. VSIshare walkthrough
5. Target setup Walkthrough
6. Pro Library setup walkthrough
7. Storage workload setup walkthrough
8. Graphics framework setup
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Before the explanation of the installation starts there are a few things that need to be discussed. For example, where can you find the installation and what are the requirements for the software. These are the questions that will be answered in this section.


Where can you find the Login VSI setup. The latest version can always be found here.


For new users we have a Trial version of Login VSI. To get this please click here The file is around 1GB in size. When installed it will take up around 1,2GB of disk space. When the download is complete there is a file called LoginVSI4##.exe. This file is a self-extracting executable, please open the file and extract the data.


There is also a patch of Login VSI, this file is around 17MB in size and can be used to upgrade an older version (older than downloadable) of Login VSI. This patch can be found on the location as the full download, here.

Pro Library

Login VSI also supplies a pro-library. This library has a larger pool of files used during the execution of Login VSI. We recommend downloading this if desired, please note that the download is around 6,6GB in size and takes up 15GB when installed. More information about the pro-library can be found here.

Storage workload and Graphics Framework

The Graphics Framework can be downloaded here. And the Storage workload add-in can be downloaded here


There are a few requirements for installing Login VSI. For information about the requirements please click here.