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1. Login VSI in Short
2. Environment
3. Dataserver
4. Launchers
5. Target Environment
6. Active Directory
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Login VSI focuses on the development and worldwide marketing, sales and support of its flagship product Login Virtual Session Indexer (Login VSI). The United States headquarters of Login VSI is based in Woburn, MA. The global headquarters as well as design and development of the products are managed out of the Netherlands. Login VSI is sold worldwide through a dedicated sales-force and a fast growing network of partners. Product support is handled out of Woburn and Amsterdam.

The Software

Login Virtual Session Indexer (Login VSI) is the industry standard benchmarking tool for measuring the performance and scalability of centralized desktop environments such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Server Based Computing (SBC).

Testing in the project phase helps you to make the right decisions:


This will let Login VSI push the environment to the limit and find out what the maximum amount of users are that environment can handle without too much performance degradation.

Capacity Planning

Login VSI helps to decide the optimal hardware configuration (right sizing) to support the desired number of users and applications. Testing in the production phase helps you to stay out of trouble:


Can the environment handle the designed specifications?

Change Impact Prediction

With Login VSI tests can be done that can predict the impact of any change in software and hardware, on the performance of an VDI or SBC Infrastructure/environment.