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One of the main features of Login AM are the DTAP wizards.The DTAP wizard needs two or more environments linked into a single chain. This chain resembles the four phases of the application's life span. The chain enables you to move applications, layers and/or collections throughout the complete chain ensure a more stable production environment, reducing the chance on disruptions due to new changes.


DTAP is an acronym for Development, Test, Acceptance, Production, which is an industry standard change control method that guarantees the highest possible quality of changes in production environments and reduce the chance of unwanted behavior.The idea behind it is quite simple:

  1. Develop one (or more) change(s) in a single or multiple development environments, which are derives from the production environment to resemble the desired end result.
  2. Test the change(s) by migrating the change(s) to a testing environment. This is to make sure that the change doesn't cause conflicts. When migrating multiple changes, the testing environment can also be used to test whether the #changes do not cause conflicts among themselves.
  3. Accepting the change by passing the applications functional requirements. After successfully (technically) testing the change(s), the change(s) are ready to be moved to an acceptance environment, where key end-users can be given access to the applications, to verify the change complies with the day-to-day business and fulfills the functionality required.
  4. Production environment only contains applications which meet the requirements of the acceptance criteria. Thus after the Acceptance test(s), the change can be moved to the production environment and granted to the end user community.

Changes are required to follow the DTAP chain, in other words applications can only be moved in one direction and from D to T, from T to A, From A to P and thus not directly from D to P.

Also the environments need to have the same Login AM version number to make sure that the changes are consequently behaving in each environment within the DTAP chain.

DTAP Chains

A DTAP chain is a logical chain of Development, Test, Acceptance and Production environments. Each DTAP chain can contains only a single production and acceptance environment, but may contain one or more test and development environments. To create a new DTAP chain, click the New DTAP chain button in the environment manager.