Enabling Endpoint Verification Testing in Your Environment
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    Enabling Endpoint Verification Testing
    in Your Environment

    • Ensure successful Infrastructure and Application configuration
    • Poor performance alerts for all business-critical functionality
    • Verify application, and SaaS functionality is available

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    Login VSI - Login Enterprise - Endpoint Verification Testing - The Desired Configuration State

    The Desired Configuration State

    The pandemic has driven organizations to look for ways to accelerate their digital transformation and become more efficient in managing dramatic fluctuations and user expectations. With a large portion of the workforce working from home, the IT perimeter is no longer within corporate control.

    Edge devices have become part of the corporate assets and can be challenging to manage and guarantee user experience. With Endpoint Verification Testing, you can instantly verify that the device is in the desired configuration state and applications work appropriately before production. As soon as testing is concluded, the IT admin will receive a report on the state of the user’s workspace.


    Robotic Onboarding Assistance

    Employees will often have their work laptops delivered to them at home to avoid hand-over from IT, and end-users are left on their own to finish configuration on their device. In many cases, this comes with a few challenges for both end-users and IT admins and support engineers.

    Login Enterprise can do the handholding that IT admin typically provide to end-users when they receive their new workspace. It can verify the device and applications are fully automated.

    Login VSI - Login Enterprise - Endpoint Verification Testing - Robotic Onboarding Assistance


    Login VSI - Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Test Kit - Insights into the Performance of Applications

    Intermittent Health Checks - Pre-Support Case Checks

    IT Support Engineers have a standard set of actions when end-users call them about problems on their edge devices. Logging in and verifying certain apps can start or gather certain logs presents IT Support a general idea of its state.

    Login Enterprise can perform all these repetitive discovery tasks automatically and without any human interaction. A robotic IT support engineer can interact with the device before a case is submitted to the support desk.


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