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cannot start a workload (empty jobs...)

  • Speedy
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19 Jan 2015 21:10 #2310 by Speedy
Hi guys,
this is my dev environment:

Login PI Version: 0.2.0.{build}
Environment type: Microsoft RDS, Citrix XenDesktop/Xenapp
Operating system PI server: Windows Server 2012 R2
Microsoft SQL version: Microsoft SQL 2012 Express

Operating system version target: W2K12R2
Operating system version launcher(s): W2K12R2

SQL, Web; Launcher on one VM

After I installed PI as described in the Admin Guide I created several jobs: Starting through storefront and starting via RDP. These jobs are started as expected. But after that my launcher did nothing. I tried it with both delivered workloads:

19.01.2015 21:51:05 - [XA7-12-RDP] Job started.
19.01.2015 21:51:05 - Call connector C:\LoginPI\shared\bin\..\bin\Connectors\RDP Connect.exe /server XA1 /user test\loginpi1 /password {password} /nowarning
19.01.2015 21:54:05 - Session XA1 with user loginpi1 did not become active on launcher Infra1
19.01.2015 21:54:05 - [XA7-12-RDP] Session with ID 31 is timed out, logging of session.
19.01.2015 21:54:05 - [XA7-12-RDP] All sessions for job are finished. Setting Job back to Idle.

Next one is, that my charts are empty. But there are a lot of data in database.

And I think I found some bugs:
- started sessions are not logged off
- In webinterface under JOBS you cannot delete a job
- when you edit a job and uncheck the Enabled box, the job is disabled but next time you edit the job, it's checked again.

Any help appreciated :silly:

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21 Jan 2015 16:01 #2317 by o.bouhaj
Hi Speedy,

Sorry for the late reaction. We have seen your request related to PI and that you are now in contact via support.
We will post the outcome of the related fixes for the issues.


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  • Lakey
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09 Jun 2015 03:26 #2533 by Lakey
Is there an update to what fixed this issue?

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09 Jun 2015 09:38 #2534 by o.bouhaj

Can you elaborate more on what you exactly are running in to?
Thanks in advanced

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