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Upgrade 1.03-1.04

  • andymwood
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12 May 2016 12:25 #2808 by andymwood
Just a note that in the upgrade process you lose the contents of the shared directory (which is a bit of a pain); you've also changed the logon script (which is now PI_Logon) - so you invalidate existing LoginPI users.

The existing logon script doesn't work (because the user's domain logon script points to a script in shared that is no longer there), and pointing to the new logon script in the target directory fails because it isn't populated with API_URL.

Essentially, you have to re-create your users. That'd have been handy in the release notes.

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17 May 2016 00:20 #2814 by j.kennedy
Hello Andy,
Apologies that this has been undocumented. I've ensured that the proper parties have been informed.
I can keep this thread updated when documentation reflects this, or with what the solution is.
Thank you for your feedback and letting us know.


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17 May 2016 05:54 - 17 May 2016 05:54 #2815 by r.bijkerk
Hi Andy,

At first, thank you very much for reporting this. I think it is important to share this kind of information within the community.

You are correct, the share has been removed and the content location is moved. Extra added content should be untouched and can be manually copied towards the new location.

Because the share has been removed the logon script will indeed not work and therefore this needs to be updated.
A way to do this is to recreate all the users but there is another way.
You could also generate a new AD script and just take the new logon script part and replace this within the existing logon script. This way you can skip the recreation of the users it self.

As my college mentioned we will take a look at our documentation.

Again, thank you for reporting this!

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01 Jun 2016 16:07 #2875 by j.kennedy
The 1.0.4 upgrade documentation has been updated at:


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