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normal Office Activation running Login VSI test

  • davekoz13
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12 Mar 2012 17:09 #113 by davekoz13
davekoz13 created the topic: Office Activation running Login VSI test
Durning initial test the Office Activation window keeps popping up and we can do anything on the screen to move the test on.

It just sits there.

Any idea how to get the activation to work?


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13 Mar 2012 19:19 #114 by d.geerlings
d.geerlings replied the topic: Re: Office Activation running Login VSI test

The easiest way would be to activate office :)

To work around the office issue the easiest way is to make a script that detects the office activation window and closes it right away (in for instance autoit). This script can then be executed as custom action within VSI or directly from the logon script. The problem however with the activation wizard is that it popups “whenever it feels like it” so therefore it might interfere with the test.

In autoit the code can be as simple as.

If windowexists(“activation”) then winclose(“activation”)

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