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normal Core+Timers Workload Customization

  • xiegang
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05 Aug 2014 03:19 - 05 Aug 2014 03:51 #2106 by xiegang
xiegang created the topic: Core+Timers Workload Customization
Login VSI Version: 3.7
Operating system version target: Windows 7
Operating system version launcher(s): Server 2008R2
Office version target: Office 2010
Recently, I try to create a script and declared it on the Workload Customization, the script run successfully in the target machine when I start the test. However, not all of the original workload run. As you know, when we choose the Medium workload, the target will open the outlook, office, IE, free mind and write in something. However, when the custom scripts is added and run successfully in the target machine, the target machine doesn’t open the outlook, IE and the free mind. The target machine just runs the custom script and opens the office and txt and doesn’t write something in the office. In order to make you understand me, I paste some figures about what I have set in the VSI Management Console.

1. Why does the target machine run the medium workloads as it has been set when I add a custom script?

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11 Aug 2014 07:55 #2109 by o.bouhaj
o.bouhaj replied the topic: Core+Timers Workload Customization

You are running core+timers. What you are seeing are the timers. The timers are used to determine the user experience during the test and are required to be able to analyze the data. Use the Core workload if you do not want the timers. You will not be able to use the analyzer to analyze the data however.

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