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22 Dec 2011 09:18 #12 by m.plettenberg
m.plettenberg created the topic: Posting Guidelines
Welcome to the Login VSI 3.x forum! This is the place where Login VSI users and developers come together to share best practices, how-to's, results and challenges faced when implementing Login VSI.

For more information please check out the Documentation . If you require personal support from our consulting services do not hesitate to contact us by using the contact form . It is recommended to only use English on this board.

If you like some inspiration on what you can achieve with Login VSI please checkout Project VRC

The goal of Project VRC is to investigate, validate and give answers to the following questions:

  • How does various Microsoft Windows Client OS’s scale as a virtual desktop?
  • How does a VDI infrastructure scale in comparison (virtualized) Terminal Server?
  • Which performance optimization on the host and guest virtualization level can be configured, and what is the impact of these settings on user density?
  • With the introduction of the latest hypervisor technologies, can we now recommend running large scale TS/CTX workloads on a virtualization platform?
  • How do the two usage scenarios compare, that is Microsoft Terminal Server [TS] only, versus TS plus XenApp?
  • How do x86 and x64 TS platforms compare in scalability on bare metal and virtualized environments?
  • What is the best way to partition (memory and vCPU) the Virtual Machines the hypervisor host, to achieve the highest possible user density?

  • If you are posting a Login VSI Problem please add the following information to your post:
    • Login VSI Version:3.0/3.5
    • Test system: Microsoft RDS, Citrix XenDesktop/Xenapp, VMware view/Quest vworkspace/VDI-in-a-box
    • Operating system version target: WinXP/Win7/Server2008/Server2003 x86 or x64
    • Operating system version launcher(s):WinXP/Win7/Server2008/Server2003 x86 or x64
    • Office version target: Office 2003/2007/2010

    Also when you have questions on results gathered with Login VSI please upload the specific testresults from your _vsi_logfiles folder in your VSIshare along with your post.

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    What our customers are saying

    Randy Groves - Teradici

    "As the developer of the PCoIP protocol, we do a lot of our own internal benchmarking to make sure that we’re continuing to improve our protocol. But we can’t actually publish our internal benchmarks because everybody might think that the tests are biased. So when we want to publish results, we use Login VSI. That way, if a customer wants to repeat our results they can.”

    Randy Groves, CTO at Teradici

    Bill Galloway - Pivot3

    “The labs at Pivot3 have hundreds of machines. A portion of those are running different Login VSI configurations so we can be constantly configuring with different hardware to see how that affects desktops. Then we tweak the RAM and CPU, and tune so we know how many users we can support.”

    Bill Galloway, Founder and CTO at Pivot3

    Andrew Mills - Nutanix

    “Predictability is a key piece to VDI. It’s one of reasons that VDI has scared people away, but Login VSI solves that. If you’re going to do it, do it right. Login VSI really gives that rubber stamp on doing it right.”

    Andrew Mills, VDI Alliances Manager at Nutanix

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