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Specifying a View pool name in Custom Commandline

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20 Mar 2012 17:08 #124


I am very new to using Login VSI (Express version) and need some help in getting a basic test running with VMware View 5.0. (I was able to run a very basic test using RDP.)

My "Target" is a VM in a VMware View pool. Is it possible to specify a "View pool name" in the "Custom Commandline" in Test Configuration? If so, how can I specify it (i.e, what option name to use)? Thanks...

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20 Mar 2012 21:17 #127


You would use a commandline like this:

"c:\program files\VMware\VMWare View\Client\bin\wswc.exe" -serverURL server06 -username login_VSI%count% -password Password! -domainname VRC -desktopname Miami -Standalone -logInAsCurrentUser False -connectUSBOnStartup False -nonInteractive

Where Miami, the value for the -desktopname parameter, is actually the pool name.


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20 Mar 2012 21:48 #128

Hi Dennis

It worked! Thank you so much!!

I used that command earlier, before requesting help on the Forum, but used the name of the target VM as the "desktopname", without realizing I had to use the pool name there. Again thanks very much for your prompt help!!


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