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normal Custom AutoIT script failing mouse click on object

  • abooth
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11 Apr 2012 10:12 #162 by abooth
abooth created the topic: Custom AutoIT script failing mouse click on object
We are using loginVSI to test our custom application that is delivered via VMWare. I have created a short AutoIT script to try things out. The first try the script clicks on a desktop icon to launch that application. You can see the cursor move to the icon and it is highlighted but the mouse click fails. I modified the script to launch the app with the "Run" command and the app launches fine but the first mouse click in the app now fails. I played around with different commands in AutoIT for focus but still no luck. Then during the test run I disabled kid-keylock on the fly in each of the two target VM's that were launched and the mouse clicks now work. What is the best way to get around this problem? Is there a way to disable kid-keylock from the AutoIT script or does it need to be removed from the target VM's profile? Or is there something else that needs to be done so that the mouse clicks work?

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12 Apr 2012 00:50 #167 by d.geerlings
d.geerlings replied the topic: Re: Custom AutoIT script failing mouse click on object
You can completely remove the start of kidkeylock from the locallogon.cmd file that can be found in the programfiles\Login Consultants\VSI\Files folder on your target machine. If you remove this line (twice) it should be OK:

Start "" "%programfiles%\100dof_kidkeylock\bin\kidkeylock.exe"

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