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normal Setup-AD Custom OU

  • Ackeron
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11 May 2012 15:35 #312 by Ackeron
Ackeron created the topic: Setup-AD Custom OU
I have the rights to create GPO. I have full control over a delegated OU, but we by policy do not make OUs at the root of our domain. How can I modify the sripts used for AD setup to put everything in a delegated OU?

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17 May 2012 19:27 #320 by d.geerlings
d.geerlings replied the topic: Re: Setup-AD Custom OU
I believe this question was answered by email. I'll add the solution to this post for others reading this.

In the VSI Setup folder the following lines need to be edited to your needs in this file: VSI Setup\AD Setup\Lib\AD_DeployVSI.cmd

Lines 49,50,71: Edit the CN: "cn=%VSI_USERNAME%%%i,ou=Target,ou=Users,ou=Login_VSI%DN_DOMAIN%"
Lines 61,62,67,68: Edit the Path: OU=Computers,OU=Login_VSI%DN_DOMAIN%

Please note that most OU paths are put in in backwards order.

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