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VSImax Corrected vs. Uncorrected: which one is it?

  • 2nikon
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16 May 2012 14:43 #315 by 2nikon
question for the experts: I got VSImax results of 120 corrected and 134 uncorrected. If I run 5 tests, I get 5 sets of results, and I need to distill all that to 1 and only number. Which results should be averaged to come to the number? Corrected or uncorrected ones? What's the difference? What's the best practice?


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17 May 2012 19:00 #317 by d.geerlings
VSIMax uncorrected is the amount of sessions that were active when the VSI index went over the calculated threshold.
VSIMax corrected is VSIMax uncorrected minus the sessions that got stuck. As stuck sessions do not generate load they shouldn't be counted in a valid result either.

In general it is a good idea to figure out why, in your case 14, sessions get stuck.

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  • 2nikon
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17 May 2012 22:42 #322 by 2nikon
Thanks Dennis, this makes sense. I always see a difference of 2-4 between the 2 numbers, like 132/136. It seems like there's a bit of a gap between when the session is launched and when it shows up in the count, I've been thinking that's what was causing the difference.
Thanks for reply, I'll try to dig into the stuck sessions point.


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  • 2nikon
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17 May 2012 23:38 #323 by 2nikon
Just did some more checking now that I know what the difference is :-)
Seems if I do get some stuck sessions - they're stuck on IE, looks like the script ran part way through, and got stuck, with IE window showing the URL and the window being blank.
I guess in the grand scheme of things a couple of stuck sessions isn't that bad (if it's out of 130-150 total).

Thanks Dennis.

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