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VSI Support on Japanese Windows OS

  • aji_ece36
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29 May 2012 17:04 #334 by aji_ece36
I need clarification on VSI Support on Japanese Windows OS.
I would like to check performance of my Virtual Desktops(Japanese Windows OS) in XenDesktop - Esxi 5.0 environment.

Would like to know on whether with LoginVSI tool i could able to check the performance of the Virtual Desktops(Japanese Windows OS).

When i gone through Getting Started, there it is mentioned like English OS will be supported.

Could you please confirm me on this. Your support would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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29 May 2012 20:22 #335 by d.geerlings
Hello Ajith,

Yes VSI supports the Japanese version of both Windows and Office. To use VSI with a non English version of Windows or Office you will need to make some configuration changes. VSI uses window titles to interact with the applications used in the workload. To be able to find the Japanese version of the applications these titles will need to be changed. I've added an screenshot of the window titles as they were changed by a customer.

If you only use the Japanese version of Windows but the English version of Office only a subset of these will need to be set. I have a template that you can import into the management console that will set all the settings in the screenshot.


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  • aji_ece36
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30 May 2012 02:48 #337 by aji_ece36
Thanks a Lot Dennis for your quick response.

So happy to hear about the VSI support on Japanese version of windows OS.

It would be great help if you can provide me the template with all the settings for japanese version.

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30 May 2012 03:46 #338 by d.geerlings
See the attached file for the template.

Steps to import the template. Please note that this template also sets the Office Version to 14 (2010)!
1. Put the file japanese.wpr somewhere where your VSI admin console can access it.
2. Open the VSI management console. Go to Workload Configuration and click on Open Test Profile.
3. Browse to the location in step 1 and open the japanese.wpr file.
4. The Japanese settings have been imported.
5. Change the office version back to what it needs to be under Office Verson at the top of the Workload Configuration.

Do not forget to save the changes!

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