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sticky Using VSI with existing users

08 Jun 2012 03:28 - 15 Jun 2012 17:43 #344 by d.geerlings
d.geerlings created the topic: Using VSI with existing users
There are two flavors for the non-AD setup. Either you have dedicated test users or you do not.

Dedicated test users:
This is by far the easiest way to configure VSI without using the VSI AD setup.
1. Create a logon script like the one attached (or rename it to VSI_Logon.cmd).
2. Put the logon script from step 1 in \\<userDNSdomain>\Sysvol\<userDNSdomain>\Scripts\ where <userDNSdomain> refers to the domain’s DNS name. In my lab that would be \\vrc.local\SYSVOL\vrc.local\scripts.
3. Change the Logon script attribute for the test user(s). This attribute can be found under Profile tab, see Logon_Script_Attribute.jpg.

No dedicated test users:
This is a bit more difficult. The method you use here depends on the tools you have available. The idea is to get logon.cmd (and depending on the method used locallogon.cmd) to run on your target environment.

Using the startup folder on the target environment.
1. Change "%Programfiles%\Login Consultants\VSI\Files\logon.cmd" to the one attached (rename to logon.cmd).
2. Create a shortcut to "%Programfiles%\Login Consultants\VSI\Files\logon.cmd" in either the all users or a specific user’s start menu startup folder.
3. (Optional) Set NTFS permissions on the shortcut so only specific users are able to launch the shortcut. This prevents VSI from starting for other users.

Any other method you have to run a script during startup. Please note: the unmodified logon.cmd has to run before the Explorer shell is started. If the script cannot be ran early enough in the logon process the modified version attached needs to be used.

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