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Command line installation features?

  • mashU2BITs
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28 Jun 2012 16:14 #362 by mashU2BITs
I bought 3.5 pro and it was my understanding that the pro version was fully automatable. IN this fashion we expected that there would be ways to automate the installation processes of the various services.. Launcher, etc... But all of my attempts to find refrences to unattended installation procedures has left me wanting.

Please help with any advice or slap to the face, but where can i find out how to do quiet installs?
Do we have to get different versions someplace?

Thanks in advance...

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03 Jul 2012 08:44 #367 by o.bouhaj
Hello Mash,

I am preparing/making a How-To document for unattended VSI installations.
I will inform you when it's done a.s.a.p.

Thanks in advanced.



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  • ReneB
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19 Nov 2012 09:32 #597 by ReneB
Hello Omar,

Because I am also very interrested in this option I was wondering if the document was ready and if I can receive a copy. Thanks in advance.


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26 Nov 2012 22:20 - 26 Nov 2012 22:20 #625 by d.geerlings
VSI Management Console and VSI Analyzer
The VSI management console and analyzer setups are made using ‘InnoSetup’. The following parameters can be used to create an unattended installation.

Instructs Setup to load the settings from the specified file after having checked the command line. This file can be prepared using the '/SAVEINF=' command as explained below.

Instructs Setup to save installation settings to the specified file.

Also see this post website: unattended.sourceforge.net/InnoSetup_Switches_ExitCodes.html

VSI Target Setup
Start the vsi_deploy script found in the Lib subfolder with the VSIshare as parameter. For example:
"c:\Target setup\lib\vsi_deploy.cmd" \\server\share
Where the \\server\share is the UNC path to the VSIshare.

VSI AD Setup
Start the ad_deploy script found in the Lib subfolder with the following parameters:
- Number of users
- Username
- Password
For example:
"c:\AD Setup\lib\ad_deploy.cmd” 250 Login_VSI Password!

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