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CTXConnector on a VDI machine doesn't start script

  • Pekka
  • Pekka's Avatar Topic Author
06 Jul 2012 06:36 #373

We are using Citrix XenDesktop Receiver, and starting a pilot with LoginVSI Professional Edition and the goal is to start performance testing of our VDI workstation environment.

The problem is that the script is not working at the VDI workstation. The VSI script says after automatic logon that "No activetest found, this can be resolved by increasing the auto logoff timeout".

Obviously, increasing the timeout (from 120 -> 360) did not help.

Agent is logging on to the VDI machine correctly, and the domain account domain\Login_VSIn has the correct read/write permissions on the share \\files\VSILogin. This is tested by creating and modifying a dummy text file in the share after the automatic login.

The settings have been double-checked to check the configuration of file share.

The active test file is also visible at the file share, and disappears from there in time as configured.

Here is the custom command line:
\\files\LoginVSI\Scripts\CTXConnect\CTXConnector.exe -s http://vdiserver/Citrix/DesktopWeb/auth/login.aspx -u Login_VSI%Count% -p u\P63'wl*8Sg76 -d domainname -r "Login VSI Workstation" -t1 5 -t2 7

The domain name, computer names and passwords have been changed.

In the first attachment are the other test configuration settings.
The second attachment is a screen shot of the file share files during test.

Any ideas? We would really start testing the product now.


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  • Pekka
  • Pekka's Avatar Topic Author
06 Jul 2012 06:53 #374

And here is the output of agent.exe:

\ \ / / ___|_ _|
\ \ / /\___ \| |
\ V / ___) | |
\_/ |____/___|
VSI Launcher
VSI Share: \\files\LoginVSI
Licensed to: customer / city
License type: Pro
Expiry date: 2012/09/5
Launcher stand-by: Waiting to prepare test.
[2012/07/06 11:46:56] There are no active tests according to share
[2012/07/06 11:46:56] Waiting for test to start
Informing MMC that launcher: SERVERNetBIOSNAME is ready.
Active test: Testi 6.7. 1146
Launcher Hostname: SERVERNetBIOSNAME
Launcher ID: 1 (out of 1)
VSI Share: \\files\LoginVSI
Current launchmode: Sequential
Launcher capacity: 45 (2.2% Used)
This launcher start: 1
This launcher stop: 1
ActiveSession monitor: SERVERNetBIOSNAME
[2012/07/06 11:47:06] Starting Active Session Monitor
[2012/07/06 11:47:07] Starting 1 sessions in 0.5 minutes (Interval: 30s)
[2012/07/06 11:47:07] Run CCL:
[2012/07/06 11:47:07] Remove Activetest file in 480s
\ \ / / ___|_ _|
\ \ / /\___ \| |
\ V / ___) | |
\_/ |____/___|
Parsing Parameters
Starting IE
[2012/07/06 11:47:09] Session Monitor started
[2012/07/06 11:47:09] Session Monitor share: \\files\LoginVSI
[2012/07/06 11:47:09] Starting logoff procedure in 480 seconds
[2012/07/06 11:47:10] Session Monitor is monitoring: Testi 6.7. 1146
[2012/07/06 11:47:10] Update interval: 0.5s.
[2012/07/06 11:47:10] Remove ActiveTestfile from VSI Share in 480 seconds
Entering user
Entering password
Entering Domain
Done with fields
Pressing Login Button
ie.Links.Exists(Find.ById(btnLogin) exists. Trying to click)
[2012/07/06 11:47:38] End of script, clean shutdown
done clicking
Waiting for complete
Starting Resoure
Closing internet explorer
CTXConnector finished.

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  • Pekka
  • Pekka's Avatar Topic Author
06 Jul 2012 07:40 #375

Well well. The problem went away after restarting all the VDI machines.

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06 Jul 2012 17:26 #378

Hi Pekka,

Good to hear the restart process solved your problem. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate but feel free to contact us.



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